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Sorry there is an error, or no hotel found with ID 3833
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Overall rating

3 ticks


  • by Carole
  • female
  • Over 45
  • 16 Mar 2012
In old part so gave you a real incite into people, homes, daily work. Hilight was being given VIP status and invited by chance to join in 15year celebrations, including front seats whilst local groups danced and sang on stage, dragon dance etc and finally invited to the banquet to be served in the evening. Unfortunately due to our flight leaving that night we weren't able to.

Overall rating

4 ticks

Relaxing hotel

  • by Alison
  • female
  • Over 45
  • 23 Jan 2012
Hotel was ok, if I stayed in Hong Kong again I would stay on the main island instead of Kowloon, not a reflection on the hotel but more about being central.
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