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Sorry there is an error, or no hotel found with ID 7099
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Overall rating

5 ticks

One of the best experiences of my life

  • by Katharine
  • female
  • Under 26
  • 28 Jan 2012
The chance to spend time doing things that you could never possibly be doing in your own country - more specifically the work with the animals. It is hard work but totally worth it, and if you aren't afraid of a challenge then it is perfect for you. It is a chance to meet like minded people and have a good time doing something worthwhile. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating and you get a chance to experience another kind of life. I loved it and hope to return!

Overall rating

4.5 ticks

Tolle Team-erfahrung, Event-working :)

  • by Roland
  • male
  • Under 26
  • 20 Jul 2011
Richtiges Safari-haus mit Terasse, Grillstelle, Cheminee. Gut ausgestattet! Im Winter (Juni/Juli) sehr kalt, weil keine (echte) Heizung. Nahe bei den Löwengehägen, so dass man sie Nachts hört! :-)