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Stay on Main

Affordable, hotel in central downtown LA - on the traveller`s radar thanks to its "high-style, high-tech" feel. If you want to go ultra modern this joint is for you!  >

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Stay on Main



Stay on Main

Los Angeles,

3.6 5 (22 )


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Great place... just watch out for STA's Pricing

  • Bradley
  • Under 26
  • New Zealand
  • 25 Sep 2009
the hotel is really nice although the location can be a bit scary for those just arriving in los angeles as it is located downtown near a large homeless area. but the facilities are excellent and the staff are pretty nice, and free internet access is a bonus! just don't let STA book this room for you as we asked for the cheapest possible room and paid $65 plus tax when the cheapest room through the hotel itself is $35 plus tax... (a bit of a difference). but once you are there its a nice place with fairly good access to downtown via the dash bus which can take you to the metro which will eventually get you to the tourist areas! overall very worth the money (just not the STA money)

Review of Stay Hotel, LA

  • Under 26
  • New Zealand
  • 04 May 2009
Free internet, helpful staff with tours and location of sites. It was simple and easy for what i needed. I would recomned to a friend.
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