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Sorry there is an error, or no hotel found with ID 3836
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Overall rating

1.5 ticks

Very disappointed

  • by Michael
  • male
  • 26 to 35
  • 09 Jan 2014
Nothing good about Sonaisali island resort at all to say- Went due to "excellent" reviews. Sonaisali is on the muddy/ mangrove swamp side of Fiji, water muddy, sand black, sand at resorts bought in by truck, aircon in rooms set at 24 degrees and didn't work very well at all would have been 28-30 degrees in room, fire alarm was faulty & installed with battery terminals tampered with after maintenance guy played with it, food was poor as the "grill" was out of order (as stated by staff) for 6 days of our stay, reheated steak from night before served for lunch next day, pool was soupy with solids floating in it quite thick, I put I down to skin off people's feet from the rough pool bottom, pool towels not washed, just dried & handed back out, this was made apparent when towel one day reaked of urine & another had a skid mark on it, cocheroaches everywhere in dining area all over toaster & Bain Marie's, exuberant prices for everything due to resort being off the mainland, complained about all the above over the 10 day stay & staff/ management did nothing, never even an email or anything even aged filling out survey/ feedback when leaving. The resort looks nothing like the photos, very run down & no money spent on resort in I estimate 8-10 years. Anyone think I'm telling lies??? I dare you to go there & i will say it now, I told you so………