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Sorry there is an error, or no hotel found with ID 3822
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Overall rating

3.5 ticks

Aspen up the hill

  • by Ananthy
  • female
  • Under 26
  • Australia
  • 16 Aug 2010
The assistant manager was fantastic - he recognised that our booking was not in their system and told us that it is not the fault of the travel agent who booked for us. Basically, their systems had a break down and we were not the first people to walk in that day without a recognised booking. He gave us an upgrade to an apartment even though we knew that our third day we were not sure where they will put us as they had a full house. The menu for the kitchen was not the best and breakfast was horrible. Better of having something in town or even going across the road to the fish n chip place. The apartments was worth it. The view was amazing from that place as you can see Queenstown and the lake and the mountains. Worth it. The staff were friendly and organised everything we requested including a morning call.