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El Misti Hostel Copacabana

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El Misti Hostel Copacabana

Category hostel

Rio de Janeiro,

3.7 out of 5 (13 reviews)

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  • Overall:

    4 ticks
  • Atmosphere4 ticks
  • Friendliness of Staff4.5 ticks
  • Location4.5 ticks
  • Cleanliness3.5 ticks
  • Facilities3 ticks
  • Safety and Security3.5 ticks
  • Value for Money4 ticks

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Overall rating

5 ticks

Brilliant atmosphere and amazing staff!

  • by Dan
  • male
  • Under 26
  • 23 Oct 2010
The breakfast was amazing, the staff were great and we got on so well! The hostel do dinner nights like massive all you can eat BBQ's, gets everyone together!

Overall rating

3 ticks

Pretty bad cleanliness but good party hostel

  • by Cheryl
  • female
  • 26 to 35
  • 08 Sep 2010
It was a great hostel to meet people at and had a party atmosphere, it was also only 5 - 10 minute walk from the beach. The downside was the cleanliness, bathrooms weren't great and seemed to be a bit of an animal problem...rat's, mice, flies and maggots!! Not good.

Overall rating

2.5 ticks

Eklige Bettwäsche & jeden Abend Partys (sehr laut!)

  • by Sophia
  • female
  • Under 26
  • Germany
  • 28 Sep 2009
Sehr gute Lage und leckeres Frühstück!