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From beach breaks to city stays, we've got a room to suit every traveler...and budget!! STA Travel offers a huge range of cheap hotel accommodation options. From hostels and cheap hotels to boutique hotels, we can offer you over 27,000 places to stay on every continent. So, if you're looking to book budget hotels for your travels look no further!!



Hotels & hostels

Browse our extensive selection of hotels and hostels in the heart of South Africa - Johannesburg and Cape Town. Shop now for the best deals.  More >


Hotels & hostels

Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people, the ecology and the food. Or simply go for sun and relaxation. Whatever Asia is to you, the chances are that we'll be able to deliver it. More >


Hotels & hostels

We've traveled across sparkling seas, dense forests and lush landscapes to bring you our favorite spots in Australia. More >


Hotels & hostels

Find a hotel or hostel in Europe for your budget and taste! Stay for cheap in London, Paris, Rome and more. More >

North America

Hotels & hostels

Great, cheap hostels to stay in your favorite cities across the U.S. More >

Latin America

Hotels & Hostels

Check out our favorite hotels and hostels in Latin America.  There are plenty of cheap accommodation options you can search and book online right now, or call us to discuss the best option for your Latin America vacation. More >

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Our system

STA Travel rates our hotels and hostels using our own star system. If we feel that the hotel or hostel provides a standard above or below what they say they do, we will rate them accordingly! We feel that you should be informed of the real experience that you should expect from your hotel or hostel booking. We rank properties 1-5 because we don't want to leave any standard up to interpretation. You are too important to us to do that. Show me more

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Accommodation terms and conditions. Show me more

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