Travel Green Do's and Don't's

Green Travel Tips

Think "Green" when you pack and when you travel. You'll help prevent long-term effects on the communities you leave and visit!

Here's some advice on how to do that.

Before You Leave  While You Travel 
Turn your water heater to its lowest setting (if applicable) Pack eco-friendly clothes in your eco-friendly luggage. Try products made from hemp, recycled felt and organic linen, for example.
Turn off your AC/heat or change your thermostat setting (if applicable) Use a digital camera instead of disposable ones
Turn off your water from the outside (if applicable) Don't buy souvenirs produced from endangered species: shells, feathers, animal skins
Unplug electronics, appliances Carry a reusable bottle for water and refill it as you go
Turn off icemaker (if applicable) Use the bathroom in the airport, NOT in the plane. The fuel used for a single flush could run a car for six miles.
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