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ISIC Explorer


Get the card with all the benefits of ISIC, plus an entire year of International Travel Insurance!  

In addition to all of the great discounts and privileges that come with being an ISIC Cardholder, the ISIC Explorer Card offers an upgraded level of insurance at an amazing price.

Insure an entire year of international travel for just $199.


Insurance benefits of the ISIC Explorer Card
• The card offers an upgraded international travel insurance plan, included medical, emergency dental, trip delay and more - See Coverage »
• With 365 days of coverage, it is ideal for students traveling abroad for a semester or year.
• The ISIC Explorer International Travel Insurance is an amazing value at at just $.55 a day!
• The insurance policy covers electronics that are lost or stolen while traveling abroad, including tablets, phones and laptops. 
• All international trips taken within a year are covered, so you don't have to buy a new policy each time you leave the United States. 
• The comprehensive policy includes mental health coverage and adventure sports, like bungee jumping, hiking and skiing. 
• It comes with all of the thousands of perks and discounts of the basic ISIC card, including over 125,000 in the United States - Learn More » 

Insurance Coverage
The insurance coverage is administered by April Travel Protection, and underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company under plan number AMT253052013

View the full desrciption of coverage here »


Eligibility & Validity
In order to be eligible for an ISIC Explorer, you must be a student age 13 or over, currently enrolled at an accredited institution and matriculating towards a diploma or a degree. Continuing education and language school students are not eligible. The ISIC Explorer card is valid 1 year from date of issue.

Once you purchase your ISIC Explorer you will receive an email requesting student status verification. Your card will come with instructions for adding your image.  

Discounts on this page were valid at time of publish and are subject to change without notice. Restrictions apply.

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