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Study Italian in Italy! Learn to speak, read and write this amazing language in Rome or Florence.

Classes during the day and interaction with locals the rest of the time mean you'll put this incredible language to use as you learn it. Prego Italiano (and, no, we don't mean the pasta sauce)!


All information regarding Italian classes is accurate at time of publication. Program details subject to change at any time prior to booking.

Described by some as the world's biggest museum, Rome is bursting at the seams with culture and history. Tourists flock to the city to see sights like the Colossuem, the Vatican, and the Roman Forum. But it's not all about history....Rome also boasts fabulous shopping, restaurants and nightlife - if it’s a cosmopolitan atmosphere you’re after, choose Rome!

School the centre of Rome, in an attractive, elegant typical aristocratic building. It's in a pedestrian area, halfway from the astounding Piazza Navona, Castel S. Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica. This area abounds with charming cafes, shops, boutiques, libraries and a vibrancy found nowhere else in the city.

Test day one for placement into 1 of 6 levels

Course: 20 lessons/week for 2 weeks

Accommodation: student flat, double room, kitchen

All lessons conducted in Italian

Rome, Italy


If you love culture you'll love Florence, capital of Tuscany, with its rusty coloured roof tiles, narrow streets and Ponte Vecchio bridge. Discover the city's incredible history as you visit the giant cathedral with its impressive Campanile, the Piazza Signoria and the Ufizzi Gallery.

School the heart of the old quarter, occupying an entire 3 floor building with 18 spacious and luminous classrooms. It's close to the Piazza del Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) and within a few minute’s walking distance of all the famous sights and squares. Just around the corner, you’ll fined the Florentine market, with its unique market hall and colorful stalls. The school offers the highest standard of tuition thanks to years of experience teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Test day one for placement into 1 of 6 levels
Course: 20 lessons/week for 2 weeks
Accommodation: student flat, single room, kitchen
All lessons conducted in Italian
Florence, Italy

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