Italy, India and Bali

Find yourself this year with a trip to Italy, India or Bali.

Check out our flight prices below and explore our exclusive travel packages inspired by the movie "Eat Pray Love".

Savor Italy

From To Fare*  
Boston Rome $717 Book Now
Washington DC Rome $765 Book Now
Chicago Rome $781 Book Now
New York City Rome $805 Book Now
New York City Venice $810 Book Now
Boston Venice $810 Book Now
New York City Florence $819 Book Now
Seattle Rome $916 Book Now
San Francisco Rome $929 Book Now
Chicago Florence $935 Book Now
Los Angeles Rome $940 Book Now
Chicago Venice $945 Book Now
Miami Venice $980 Book Now
Los Angeles Florence $1039 Book Now
Dallas/Fort Worth Florence $1085 Book Now

Check out our exclusive travel packages in Italy inspired by the movie "Eat Pray Love"


Discover India

From To Fare*  
New York City Delhi $938 Book Now
Chicago Delhi $1038 Book Now
New York City Mumbai $1115 Book Now
New York City Chennai $1115 Book Now
Washington DC Mumbai $1220 Book Now
Houston Mumbai $1250 Book Now
San Francisco Delhi $1254 Book Now
Los Angeles Delhi $1263 Book Now
Washington DC Delhi $1341 Book Now
Seattle Delhi $1367 Book Now

Check out our exclusive travel packages in India inspired by the movie "Eat Pray Love"


Blissful Bali

From To Fare*  
Los Angeles Denpasar, Bali $929 Book Now
San Francisco Denpasar, Bali $929 Book Now
New York Denpasar, Bali $935 Book Now

Check out our exclusive travel packages in Bali inspired by the movie "Eat Pray Love"


Experience all Three!

Travel Round the World to Italy, India and Bali from just $1995 including estimated taxes and fees!

New York to Rome: $420
Rome to Delhi: $420
Delhi to Denpasar, Bali: $410
Denpasar, Bali to New York City: $745

Total Airfare: $1995 includes estimated taxes and fees!

To book this amazing journey, call 800.781.4040, visit your local STA Travel Store, or chat with a travel expert.

Fares include estimated taxes and fees which may fluctuate due to changes in currency conversion, as well tax differences caused by exact routing and countries visited en route to the destination. Fares listed are valid for travel between September 1 through October 25, 2010. Prices are from recent searches at and were valid at time of publishing. Price is based on availability and may not be offered on all flights or dates, and weekend surcharges may apply. Fares are subject to change without notice. These prices are internet-only fares and may be higher over the phone or at an STA Travel Store.  n the event that advertised price is not available, a higher fare may be returned. Fares are valid for students, or youth between the ages of 18-25. Student age restrictions may apply.

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