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Italy traveler reviews

Get advice straight from the horses’ mouth. What better way to research a destination, than from other travelers who have been there!

STA Travel Blogs

‘Here (finally) is my entry about Venice! Hands down, favorite city. I think it was partly getting away from the obnoxious noise of cars and motorbikes, and partly being surrounded by those beautiful canals.’
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‘I cannot speak more highly of the Amalfi Coast! Today, after doing all of the domestic duties required when traveling, I set of on my SITA bus to Amailfi via Positano. Now to tell you the truth, I was expecting great things and found my seat on the bus on the right hand side to get optimum photo opportunities, but I was awed when I saw just how beautiful the Coast drive is.’
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‘Finally got up, went on a bus tour of Rome, hopped off at Vatican City and checked out St Peters Basilica. It was amazing, and we saw the Pope, and he totally waved at us. Headed to the Pantheon and on to the Trevi Fountain, and had great gelato on the way. End of the day, we went to Circus Maximus where the original chariot races took place in Roman times.’
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User reviews

Get the inside info on the best bars, beaches, tours destinations, food and hotels you can find in Italy.  Check out the Italy reviews. 

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