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‘The tea ceremony teacher had prepared a very special meal in my honour; so much so that none of the other women there (who had been taking part in tea ceremonies for their whole lives) had ever experienced something so special. I didn`t fully understand the whole thing, but it was certainly an honour to have been invited, even if my bent knees did hurt the next day from sitting on them in the traditional Japanese style for all of that time!’
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‘We spent the day exploring southern Higashiyama which was full of beautiful temples. Just the sort you imagine when you think of Japan. We drank lots of holy water and saw a few couples out in their Kimonos. The definite highlight of the day was our Geisha-spotting. We were wandering down a picturesque lane with lots of little wooden houses when in front of us two Geisha girls came out of a house. They were stunning.’
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‘In a few words, I am absolutely mad about Japan! It totally rocked my world and would without a doubt consider living here...It got to the point that, as I’ve met so many westerners who teach English over here, I even started to think that maybe I should stop my further travels here and just hang around for a couple of months doing something similar!’
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