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Insurance FAQ's

General FAQs



+ Why should I buy travel protection?



No one plans for something to go wrong while they travel, but sometimes mishaps are unavoidable: long-awaited trips must be interrupted or canceled, people get sick or injured and baggage winds up lost or stolen. Be sure to secure the right level of travel protection so you can enjoy your trip abroad to the fullest.


+ How will I know exactly what my plan covers?


For a complete list of coverages, definitions and exclusions, you will want to refer to your plan’s state-specific Description of Coverage/Insurance Policy, which you will receive upon purchase. To view a sample copy prior to purchasing your plan, please visit for the International Student Program, and for the Air Travel Program.


+ Doesn’t my medical insurance cover me?


When people travel, they typically find themselves engaging in activities that can put them at risk for injury. Additionally, some individuals are more susceptible to becoming sick when they travel. You’ll find that primary medical insurance doesn’t always offer coverage outside of a patient’s network, and those that do might require a large upfront payment for treatment and medication. This plan provides Medical and Dental Coverage and Emergency Assistance and Transportation, plus access to a global network of physicians and no out-of-pocket medical costs up to $1,000 with the On Demand Medical Assistance Service provided by CSA’s designated provider.


+ Won’t the credit card that I use pay for the trip or the travel supplier reimburse me if something goes wrong?


Credit cards may provide coverage for fewer instances than a travel protection plan, and often have lower limits. They also may not provide protection for lost baggage or medical expenses—both of which can be costly if you don’t have the right coverage.


+ Who is Eligible for Coverage?


Coverage can be provided for all STA customers, provided the required plan payment has been received by CSA or your authorized agent, and provided the person is a resident of the United States.


+ What is a foreseeable event?


Foreseeable means reasonably known beforehand. Once it is reasonable that people traveling to an area would know about an event, it becomes foreseeable. For example, if the airline you are flying announces that they are going on strike, the event becomes foreseeable once the strike is announced.


+ How will the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Services benefit me on my trip?


CSA’s 24-hour Assistance Service helps you handle any emergencies that come up on your trip: medical referrals, prescription refills, emergency cash transfers, lost tickets, legal referrals or stolen passport. Plus, you’ll even get pre-trip travel advice.


+ What is a pre-existing medical condition?


Generally speaking, a Pre-existing Condition is a Sickness or Injury during the 60-day period immediately prior to your effective date of travel for which you:

1) Received, or received a recommendation for, a diagnostic test, examination, or medical treatment; or

2) Took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine. Note, this does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60-day period before coverage is effective under the plan *


+ Is it possible to insure pre-existing medical conditions?


If you have a pre-existing condition, the exclusion may be waived if you meet the following requirements:
a. coverage is purchased prior to or within 24 hours of your final Trip Payment; and

b. you are medically able to travel at the time the coverage is purchased; and

c. you insure 100% of your prepaid Trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions (International Student Program only) *


+ What if I change my mind?


With CSA’s 10-day Free Look, you have 10 days within of receipt of your Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy to contact CSA Travel Protection directly to indicate your desire to cancel. If you haven't already left on your trip or filed a claim, you can receive a complete refund of the plan cost.


+ What should I do if I have to cancel my trip?


First, you should notify your STA Travel Agent, then call CSA toll free at (800) 351-8109 to request a claim form.


+ Who is CSA Travel Protection?


CSA Travel Protection is dedicated to providing value-driven travel insurance and emergency assistance services to protect your vacation ownership trips so you can relax and enjoy them. Since our inception in 1991, we have solidified our reputation for standing behind customers and evolving products and services to meet their needs. Find out more at


Plan Specific FAQ's




+ Are the International Student and Air Travel Programs just for student travelers?



These plans are designed for students and faculty traveling through STA Travel.


+ How many people can be on a single plan?


A maximum of one plan holder may be included on a single plan for both the International Student and Air Travel Programs.


+ How is plan cost determined for each plan?


The plan cost for the International Student Program is determined by trip length and by the age of the traveler. For trips costing $3,000-$20,000, travelers 61 years of age or older should contact their STA agent for pricing.
The plan cost for the Air Travel Program is a flat $20 for domestic flights and $25 for international flights. Pricing for this plan is not determined by age, trip cost or trip length.


+ Can I purchase the International Student Program and the Air Travel Program together?


No, the International Student Program and Air Travel Program are not able to be offered together.


+ When can I purchase my plan?


You may purchase either plan up to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time the day prior to departure.


+ What is the maximum trip length for this plan?


The maximum trip length covered by both The International Student and Air Travel Programs is 180 days. However, under the International Student Program the maximum trip length for residents of New York and Washington is 90 days. Under the Air Travel Program, the maximum trip length for residents of Washington is 90 days.


+ Can I still have insurance coverage if I want to extend my trip?


After initial purchase and while traveling, your STA agent can extend the travel dates under the International Student Program by 30 day increments up to the maximum trip length for the plan (90 days for residents of New York and Washington, and 180 days for residents of all other states) for an additional amount of the plan cost.


+ What if my trip is delayed?


CSA's Travel Delay coverage can pay up to $500 for the International Student Program and $200 for the Air Travel Program for reasonable additional accommodation and traveling expenses due to a covered delay of 6 hours or more.


* State specific differences exist. Please review the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for your state of residency.




This plan provides insurance coverage for your trip that applies only during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home and automobile policies. The purchase of this plan is not required in order to purchase any other travel product or service offered to you by your travel retailers. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer, insurance agent or broker.

Plans are available to residents of the United States. Benefits and services are described on a general basis. Certain terms and conditions may apply. For complete information on policy benefits, limits and exclusions, please contact CSA at (800) 351-8109 or (International Student Program) or (Air Travel Program) for a sample Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy for this plan. These plans are administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services. Services are provided through CSA’s designated providers. Travel Insurance is Underwritten by: Generali U.S. Branch, New York, New York; NAIC # 11231 (all states except as otherwise noted) under Policy/Certificate Form series T001. Generali U.S. Branch is rated A (“Excellent”, 3rd out of 16 Categories A++ to S) by A.M. Best Company® for financial strength and operating performance (Ratings and analysis as of 6/6/12). California is Underwritten by Generali Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A. (U.S. Branch), Colorado is Underwritten by Assicurazioni Generali – U.S. Branch, Oregon is Underwritten by Generali U.S. Branch DBA The General Insurance Company of Trieste & Venice, and Virginia is Underwritten by The General Insurance Company of Trieste and Venice – U.S. Branch.
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