Bus Pass for Cheap and Flexible Travel across New Zealand

Experience the best sightseeing in New Zealand with a bus pass from STA Travel.

A bus pass is cheap, flexible and you'll have a ton of fun along the way!

We've listed just a sample of the many passes you can buy for getting around New Zealand.

Take a look at your bus pass options below then call 800.781.4040, visit your local STA store or Chat Live and our student travel experts will help you choose a pass and complete your purchase.
See and experience the can't-miss places, from major cities to small towns in New Zealand, with a bus pass!

Hop-On/Hop-Off Flexible Bus Touring is the best way to get around New Zealand. You'll travel with international travelers just like you! Choose an East Coast, National or Regional Pass full of unique excursions and activities. You'll have heaps to brag to your friends about. You can choose when you travel and for how long. Traveling with their guides is like traveling with a local and they will show you the way with passion and local knowledge, sharing secret destinations and must see hot spots in New Zealand.

All passes include the following:

  • Hop-on/Hop-off flexible travel for up to 12 months (Express passes are valid for a shorter period and cannot be extended)
  • Dedicated traveler's network
  • Passionate, fun and knowledgeable guides
  • Unique included activities and accommodation stopovers
  • On-board accommodation booking service
  • Pick ups and drop offs en route
  • Onboard activity booking service
  • Easy online booking system and itinerary manager

    Back Paddock
    Start: Christchurch
    Finish: Christchurch
    Minimum travel time: 8 days
    Price From: $397


    Dog Leg
    Start: Christchurch
    Finish: Auckland
    Minimum travel time: 13 days
    Price From: $645
    Conc. Discount: $612


    Funky Chicken
    Start: Anywhere
    Finish: Where you started
    Minimum travel time: 20 days
    Price From: $824
    Conc. Discount: $782


    Northern Round Up
    Start: Auckland or Wellington
    Finish: Where you started
    Minimum travel time: 9 days
    Price From: $397


    Start: Auckland
    Finish: Christchurch
    Minimum travel time: 18 days
    Price From: $701
    Conc. Discount: $666


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