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Tandem skydiving, New Zealand
Get advice straight from the horse's mouth. What better way to research a destination than from other travelers who've been there!  Check out the New Zealand travel reviews and tips below:

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‘New Zealand, what a place!!  Beautiful landscape, inspiring sights and genuine people!  I could happily get used to the Kiwi living!’
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‘We have just landed literally in Queenstown after doing a parasailing trip on Lake Wakatipu! We went 600 foot above Queenstown on the back of a boat with a parachute attached! Scary stuff and extremely high but it was really cool and the weather is gorgeous today.’
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‘From Christchurch we bussed it down to Queenstown, where upon arrival we tasted the best ever burgers that exist on the planet...dun dun dun FERGBURGER!!  Loved Queenstown, very chilled out and best of all with our hostel came 2 for 1 drinks at the best bars in town...of course we made full use!’
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Get the inside info on the best bars, beaches, tours, destinations, food and hotels you can find in New Zealand!  Check out the New Zealand traveler reviews.

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