Visa information for New Zealand

Get all your New Zealand work & tourist visa info right here - whether you just want to go on vacation or you want to work there.   

Vacation visa

Holders of US passports do NOT need a visa to just go on vacation to New Zealand if you plan to stay 90 days or less. Also, your passport must not expire for at least 90 days beyond the date you depart from New Zealand. If you want to stay longer, you need to check specific information because you will need a visa. If you hold a passport issued by a country other than the US, you'll need to check specific information. Details from VisaHQ!

New Zealand Working Holiday visa

Soak up the true culture of New Zealand by working there! Americans can apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows you stay for up to 12 months working and traveling around the country. You will usually get a response within a few days of applying asking for more information or letting you know the decision.  Once approved, you have 12 months to arrive in New Zealand and can work for up to 12 months once you get there.

*The Fine Print
We’ve tried to make this destination guide as accurate as possible but please double check the essentials like visas, health and safety, airport information etc with the relevant authorities before you travel.  STA Travel takes no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience caused as a result of this guide.  All prices listed are in the currency of the destination, unless otherwise stated.

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