STA Travel Paper Tickets

Change the Travel Date, Route or Itinerary

If you are traveling in the US and purchased your tickets abroad and wish to make changes to your tickets you must either:

• Fax a legible copy of the ticket only to (480) 592-0877.

• Scan a copy of your ticket and email the .jpg attachment to Use your Last Name as the subject line. Please do not enter any text or instructions in the email.

Once you have either faxed or emailed your ticket, please call STA Travel Help in Arizona at (800) 836-4115 for further information. We are open all day, every day, 24/7. Any additional information needed will be obtained from you on the telephone.

Lost Tickets

In the event of lost or stolen tickets, contact STA Travel Help North America at (800) 836.4115 or the nearest Travel Help location. We will fax or e-mail you a Lost Ticket Indemnity form for you to fill out, sign and fax back to Travel Help.

Fax the completed, signed form to (480) 592.0877. After you have faxed the Lost Ticket Indemnity form, call STA Travel Help North America at (800) 836.4115 to set up the request and pay the reissue fee of US$50.

The Travel Help staff will then contact the STA Travel location where your ticket was issued for authorization to reissue the ticket. This process will take approximately 24-48 hours.

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