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Buenos Aires, Sydney, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cairo and Rome from $3899

Price includes all estimated taxes and fees!

Follow in the footsteps of the 2010 World Traveler Interns. Find out more out the 2011 World Traveler Internship.

This Round the World trip is inspired by the path taken by the 2010 STA Travel World Traveler Interns. Read more about the amazing journey and watch the inspiring videos they flmed as they traveled around the world taking experiencing STA Travel tours, hotels and hostels, volunteer projects , rail passes and so much more!

Route Airline Travel By
Miami-Buenos Aires flight December 31, 2011
Buenos Aires-Sydney flight December 31, 2011
Sydney-Tokyo flight December 31, 2011
Tokyo-Bangkok flight December 31, 2011
Bangkok-Cairo flight September 30, 2011
Cairo-Rome flight September 30, 2011
Paris-Miami flight March 31, 2012

Flight Pricing Guide

Route Airline Ticket Price*
Miami to Buenos Aires one-way $510
Buenos Aires to Tokyo one-way with a stopover in Sydney $1705
Tokyo to Bangkok one-way $410
Bangkok to Cairo one-way $387
Cairo to Rome one-way $362
Paris to Miami one-way $525
Total Fare for this RTW Journey



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*Quoted prices include all base fares and estimated taxes and airline imposed fees. Please note estimated taxes may vary based on exact routing and variations in currency conversions of countries visited and/or transited for your exact itinerary. Round the World  prices listed on this page are for airline tickets only and do not include any land components such as hotels, tours, transfers or visas.

Prices were valid at time of posting. All fares are subject to change without notice and may not be available on all flights. Air pricing is based on low season departures; contact an STA Travel expert for pricing on your desired dates. In the event the advertised fare is not available or you want to travel during peak travel periods a higher fare or different airline may be quoted..

While our Student Exclusive flight tickets are very flexible, date change fees of at least $50 will apply to any amendments to your dates, plus any applicable fare difference. In the event of cancellations a refund fees of at least $100 will apply per ticket. Total fees vary by airline and will be provided at time of booking.

Fares are open to full times students under the age of 34 years of age and youth between the ages of 18 and 25. Travelers must hold a valid ID card. Additional airline imposed baggage fees may apply and are payable at check in.

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