South America

South America is a vast, magnificent continent offering amazing countries coast to coast, like Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

You could spend years exploring and enjoy a different experience each time.

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Rio de Janeiro will host the XXXI Summer Olympic games in 2016!

This olympiad will be one of firsts:

  • first in Brazil
  • first in South America
  • first in the Southern Hemisphere outside of Australia
  • first in a Portuguese-speaking country

Experience the excitement and buzz of Rio de Janeiro now with a cheap student flight, hotel and an amazing day trip or adventure trip from STA!


Visit Rio de Janeiro

With Brazil being the largest South American country, there is more than enough for the average traveler to discover; explore the Amazon rainforest, live the beach life, and attend one of the biggest street parties in the world. More travel information on Brazil


Discover Buenos Aires

Travel to Argentina; with so much to see and do, there is very little to disappoint. Dive into the frenzy of Buenos Aires, revel in the colonial history and colorful culture, and go extreme in the Andes. More travel information on Argentina


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