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Starving Student Travel Menu

Starving Student Travel Menu from STA Travel
It's back and better than ever! The Starving Student Travel Menu from STA Travel delivers tasty ideas for your next vacation whether you want to travel in the US or go to Asia, Latin America, Europe or Australia. As always, we'll beat any price - just check out our Price Beat Guarantee.

STA Travel's Starving Student Travel Menu offers everything you need for vacation:
  • great destination ideas
  • student budget-friendly prices
  • essentials you'll need for your trip!

CHECK OUT out the menu.

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We customized the menu to fit these three regions because the travel needs vary based on where you are.


A great way to start out... with tasty one-way and round-trip airfares for the getaway any student can use to blow off some semester steam.

Search for your departure city and destination to get a customized list of results!


Inspiring adventures in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia that will satisfy the appetite no matter how hungry you are! Plus you'll find cheap places to stay. Check 'em out!

A Taste of Asia


(with rice)

Stay in Tokyo from $40/night
"Japan Express": Experience the culture, history and incredible natural beauty without breaking your budget. From sushi to samurai - experience all things Japanese! 9 days from $1679

Great travel info about Japan and our amazing tour and hotel options >>


(available in mild or make-you-sweat-spicy)

Stay in Bangkok from $18/night 
"Chiang Mai Cooking School": learn to make incredible Thai food from the experts! 5 days from $359 
"Northern Hilltribes and Villages": From the chaotic streets of Bangkok, head to the cooler mountains of northern Thailand. Trek through the jungle with your guide and find yourself staying with some of the many hilltribe villages that are dotted across this spectacular area. 8 days from $379

Find out why student travelers LOVE going to Thailand >>


Eat sushi in Japan with STA Travel

Enjoy the wonders of the Far East with STA Travel!

Japan and Thailand are two of THE most popular destinations.

Tokyo and Bangkok are adrenaline-fueled cities that expertly blend ancient history with modern life.

Plus, the food is simply amazing.

Place your order today at 800.665.6596!

Latin Spice


(try the popular mate [MA-tay] drink) 

Stay in Buenos Aires from $10/night 

Why Buenos Aires is considered "Paris of South America." >>


(rice & beans con coco, oh my!)

Stay in Rio de Janeiro from $14/night 
"In Search of Iguassu": Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro or vice versa. Get off the tourist track through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in this amazing journey. From the land of tango to the home samba! 11 days from $1199

Discover what makes Brazil such an amazing country to visit! >>

Costa Rica

(gallo pinto for breakfast is a must-have) 

Stay in Tamarindo from $11/night 
"Costa Rica Quest": Perfect place for a laid back vacation because it's all about "pura vida." Explore the rain forest by foot or zip line. Relax on the beach, check out Arenal Volcano or visit a coffee plantation. 9 days from $499

Experience the "pura vida" lifestyle! You'll love it. >>

Cocktails in Latin America with STA Travel

Spice up your vacation with some Latin lovin'!

Argentina and Brazil are the two largest countries in South America and you can definitely visit both in one trip.

Just ask us about the tour "In Search of Iguassu"!

Costa Rica is in Central America, sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua.

It offers everything from the rainforest to volcanoes to beaches.

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination if you enjoy being outdoors. 

Place your order today at 800.665.6596!

Gourmet Europe


(nothing beats gelato) 

Stay in Rome from $22/night 
"Espresso Italia": Enjoy a coffee, Italian style, looking out over the magnificence of the Amalfi Coast - just one of your options during the 8 days that you have to enjoy Italy on this adventure. 8 days from $1380

More amazing tours in Italy >>


(baklava and tzatziki deliciousness)

Stay in Athens from $33/night 
"Greek Island Sailing": Where ancient meets modern, decent meets decadent, and pious meets party! Experience all Greece has to offer! 8 days from $849

Check out these other tours across Greece and its islands >>

Visit Europe with STA Travel

Europe is the #1 destination for STA customers!

It's our top seller. Student travelers love to go to Europe because the countries are so diverse.

We've picked Italy and Greece as a "sample" for this menu because who doesn't love pizza, pasta and gyros!?!

Place your order today at 800.665.6596!

Land Down Under


(served with a side of vegemite)

Stay in Sydney/Bondi Beach from $17/night 
"Red Centre 4WD Outback Experience": Experience Australia's real Outback on a camping safari that will blow your mind! 4 days from $490
1 year Work and Travel Package from $230 ($480 if you include visa processing). Earn money for your travels while you travel. This program is designed to help you fund your adventures along the way and experience life as an Aussie. Good on ya, mate.

What else can you do in Australia? Check out your options. >>

Visit Australia with STA Travel

Australia has so much to offer student travelers that one vacation is never enough!

Enjoy the city of Sydney, chillax on the beach, explore the Blue Mountains, or, as we recommend here, get into the Outback and experience amazing natural beauty that you won't see anywhere else.

Place your order today at 800.665.6596!

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