Strong Dollar Destinations

We've hand picked some of the greatest places to travel where the dollar takes you a long way. From parts of Europe, to Asia and Latin America, we'll show you where to get the best bang for your buck.



Thailand is known for its beautiful enchanted beaches and spicy food. Did you know Thailand is one of the cheapest places to eat, drink and be merry? You can feed yourself for only a few dollars a day eating amazing street food. Hotel prices are considerably lower in Bangkok than other parts of Asia. More


Buenos Aires

Indulge yourself in some local Malbec wine, put on your dancing shoes and hit the city. It's time to Tango! Buenos Aires is a beautiful Latin American city with a colorful culture paired with a colonial history. You can tour the city by bus for almost nothing, and hop off at any moment and enjoy a delicious Argentinian steak. More


Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and more!

Mexico is home to some of the greatest places to get away on a budget. You can party in Cancun on the east coast, or watch the sunset over the ocean on the west. Flights to Mexico are extremely affordable, along with everything else. Lunch can easily be had for just $3, including a cerveza! More


Viva Espana!

Enjoy tapas, vino and flamenco dancing in this amazing country in Europe. The weather is always fantastic, and the scenery is gorgeous. You can visit the beach by day, and the clubs by night. You can easily stay downtown for under $30 per night. More



Deak Square located in central Budapest is a great place to check out live music and grab a cheap half liter of locally brewed Hungarian brew for about $2. Kick back and relax! More

The Netherlands


Grab a bike, it's the only way. With over 30,000 bikes in this city, Amsterdam is extremely bike friendly. Cruise the canals, experience the mysterious red light district & more! More



Surprisingly, Florence is amazingly affordable with its rich history, amazing Tuscan food, world-class art, fabulous wines, exquisite fashion, and more. A night out in Florence will cost you much less than you'd think! More

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