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STA Exclusive
If you're a student or under 26, STA Travel's Exclusive Tickets are what you need to save money and get maximum flexibility. They will always be the most flexible or cheapest ticket available for travel on the world's leading airlines. They're sold exclusively through STA Travel and give you access to our Travel Help support in over 90 countries.

Call us at (800) 781.4040

Exclusive Ticket Key Benefits for Travelers
Price  STA Travel's Exclusive Ticket is always competitively priced, with travel on the world's top airlines, and offers the best value for your money.  
Flexibility  Offering flexible conditions usually associated with expensive fares, the STA's Exclusive Ticket allows you to change your travel dates for a minimal fee, stay wherever you are for up to one year, and refund your ticket at guaranteed rates.  
Service  Your STA's Exclusive Ticket can be fully serviced by STA Travel with our on-the-road Travel Help. Get help online, call 800.836.4115 from the US, 480.592.0868 ext. 1011 from abroad, or stop by any STA Travel store, located in over 90 countries.  
ISIC Card Benefits
With an International Student ID Card (ISIC), International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), or International Teacher ID Card (ITIC), you can enjoy the benefits of STA's Exclusive Ticket and many more great savings. The ISIC and IYTC give you over 35,000 discounts locally, nationally, and worldwide. 
International Student ID Card (ISIC) 
International Youth Travel ID Card (IYTC)
International Teacher ID Card (ITIC) 
Save up to 70% on international calls 
Stay connected at great rates while you're traveling! Family and friends can leave you messages for FREE no matter where you are! Ask your STA Travel Advisor for more info or click on the link below. 
International Cell Phones: Save up to 70% 

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