Basic Information

Add adventure to your studies! Studying abroad gives college students the opportunity to learn their major field from a foreign perspective, learn about other cultures, improve language fluency, and make lifelong friendships. STA Travel can guide you through the process.

There are two types of study abroad programs:

  • Independent programs let you make all the decisions. You get to decide where you'll live and deal directly with the university you'll be studying at.
  • Island programs consist of groups of American or other international students living, working, and taking classes together. All logistics, such as housing, food and travel arrangements, are taken care of already through the chosen program.
More Information

  • The best way to study abroad is through your university because financial aid applies, scholarships are available and class credit easily transfers. The best source for information about different study abroad programs is your university's study abroad office.
  • The counselors and advisors can help you filter through all of your options. Are you dead set on studying in London and flexible about what you study? Are you dead set on studying art history and flexible about the location? This will help decide which school you pick and the classes you take.
  • Ask a lot of questions, too! Like what types of student clubs are available to get involved in and meet people, what's the local student scene, how big is the campus compared to the city and where in the city is the campus located (helps pick accommodation), etc.
  • Consider the main reason you want to study abroad because it should help you a great deal in filtering out the programs that aren't right for you. Consider whether you wish to improve your language skills, be immersed in a different culture, travel, or just have a good time.

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