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Study Abroad

Basic information about study abroad through STA Travel!


You'll find everything from planning advice to choosing a school, tips and frequently asked questions as well as sample airfare!

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences a student can have!

You learn using a different point of view and, sometimes, a different style of teaching than you get here in the U.S.

Take classes toward your major or minor, try a new subject, and/or learn a new language.


  • live in a brand new city
  • make a ton of new friends
  • experience a different culture while sharing your own native culture
  • have a LOT of fun. 

Take a look at your options here and STA will help you get there!

Studying abroad is amazing and you're a lot more interesting when you're the one with the accent!

Basic Information

From Planning to FAQs

Add adventure to your studies! Studying abroad gives college students the opportunity to learn their major field from a foreign perspective, learn about other cultures, improve language fluency, and make lifelong friendships. STA Travel can guide you through the process. Show me more

Study Abroad Programs

Europe, Asia, Australia

Study abroad programs are available in Europe, Asia and Australia! Spend a semester or full school year. STA Travel can help. Show me more information

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