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Easter Egg Hunt

Want a promo code for $25 off flights to selected countries and $50 off your trip? Of course you do! As part of our 'Spring Fever' we've hidden a few eggs around the site; if you find an egg just click on it and it'll take you to a secret page with the promo codes! Sounds easy enough, right? Just to help you out we've got some clues that should assist you in finding an egg. Good luck!
•Why not hatch a plan to go and WORK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY?
•You'll be shell shocked by these SPRING BREAK deals
•This NEW SOUTH WALES destination is egg-ceptional
•Easter eggs ain't the only thing that BREAKS during SPRING!
•Our FIJI PACKAGES ain't no yolk!
•Put on your BACKPACKER and eggsplore these alternative STA Travel stores down under!
•Don't egg-nore our offers on these THAILAND TOURS
•We're LATIN you into a little secret on where to find our hidden Easter eggs!
•This ROUND THE WORLD ticket will allow you to eggsplore many different destinations!


This is what the eggs look like - happy hunting!
Go hunting