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Our Top Routes

Sample Multi-stop itineraries

Take a look at our favourite multi-stop routes and round the world tickets from just $1,759. You can book any of these routes and head round the world, or use them as inspiration for your tailor made adventure. Our travel experts can help you to build a customized route that feeds your wanderlust without blowing the budget. It’s as simple as adding an extra stop or two to your flight itinerary – and often it won’t cost you any extra.

FEATURED ROUTE: Around the world with emirates

Travel around the world on this special multi-city route from Emirates. Travel to Italy to experience the ancient city of Rome and stylish city of Milan. Have a stopover in luxurious Dubai before heading East to Bangkok. From there take a trip down under to Sydney and discover the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. Call us to book this route.
Book now From $2,059

The Bobby Dazzler fr $3,449

HIGHLIGHTS: Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji
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Across the Pond fr $1,539

HIGHLIGHTS: Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Spain
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Mighty Mighty fr $2,349

HIGHLIGHTS: Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, UK
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The Hula Hoop fr $1,759

HIGHLIGHTS: Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Philippines
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The Big Dozen fr $2,369

HIGHLIGHTS: Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong
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Kwik Fire Kiwi fr $1,699

HIGHLIGHTS: United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Tahiti
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Biltong to the Big 5 fr $1,929

HIGHLIGHTS: South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Dubai
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Fly South for the Winter fr $2,499

HIGHLIGHTS: Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, Iceland
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Around the World with Emirates fr $2,059

HIGHLIGHTS: Italy, Dubai, Thailand, Australia
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The Dolly Llama fr $2,199

HIGHLIGHTS: Peru, Chile, Spain, Japan, Australia
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What is Multi-stop?

Multi-stop tickets allow you to create the adventure of a lifetime and tick off all the places you want to see in one round trip. Create your own itinerary and we will put it together for you. Whether you want to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, Africa, Canada or South America, our experts will help you get in all the destinations you want to visit and find you exclusive airfares. Pick one of our sample itineraries or call us on 800.781.4040 to create your own round the world adventure.