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Tag 1 Havanna

Ankunft zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Arrive in Havana at any time. Check into our hotel and enjoy the city. As your fellow travellers are arriving at various times throughout the day, there are no planned activities, so relax and take in Havana. Look in the hotel lobby for notices on when/where the group meeting will occur. One of the oldest cities in the western hemisphere, Havana was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. It contains a wealth of colonial architecture, and the old city and streets around the malecon (ocean-side walkway) are best discovered on a walking tour. The Spaniard Diego Velázquez moved San Cristobal de la Habana in 1519 from its original site to its present one and the city remained a port of relative obscurity, within the empire, until gold and silver began to flow from New World mines back to Spain. Havana became the gathering hub for shipments of treasure from the ports of Cartagena (Colombia) and Veracruz (Mexico). Soon pirates turned their attention to the port and the city of Havana and its annual treasure trove became the number one target for the Dutch, English and French. Eventually the Spanish began construction of various forts and a protecting wall to repel the invaders. Nevertheless, the city was sacked in 1762 and held by the British under the command of Lord Albermale for nearly a year. Eventually, the Spanish exchanged the Florida territory in trade for the island. The end of the British occupation also signalled the beginning of more economic freedom for the islanders, as they were given the right to trade with cities other than Cadiz in Spain. The ensuing economic boom translated into steady growth in population and material progress. The main area of interest to visitors is La Habana Vieja (The Old City), where walking or a bicycle taxi tour are, the best modes of transportation. Points of interest in this part of town include La Catedral de San Cristóbal de La Habana, the Palacio de los Marqueses de Aguas Claras (which now houses a restaurant), the Museo de Arte Colonial and the Plaza de Armas, with its statue of Manuel de Céspedes (one of the leaders of the Cuban independence movement). The Palacio de los Capitanes Generales is also located on the Plaza de Armas, which now houses the Museo de La Ciudad. You will find the oldest colonial fortress on the plaza's northeast sector, the Castillo Real de la Fuerza, whose construction began in 1558. The city is home to various museums, and depending on your area of interest, there is practically a museum for everyone. One of the city's (and the island's) most prominent attractions though, are its music and clubs. Everywhere you go you will hear and feel the music and see people freely dancing in the streets. The island literally pulses with the beat and blend of Afro-Hispanic rhythms and movement.

Tag 2 Cienfuegos (1F,1A)

Abreise früh am Morgen von Havanna nach Cienfuegos. Wir gehen gegen Mittag an Bord der dort vor Anker liegenden Jacht. Erkunde die Umgebung am Nachmittag und genieße das Abendessen an Bord.

Depart for Cienfuegos after breakfast arriving in time for lunch ashore at the marina club house (not included) After Lunch we will spend the afternoon getting to know your crew and the yacht, followed by a safety briefing and an early dinner on board. Following dinner, your CEO will be happy to then show you around Cienfuegos by foot where you can relax at the end of the evening with a beverage while taking in the local sites of this rustic town. Often referred to as La Perla del Sur ( Pearl of the South), you will find this city takes you back to Cuba's rich history. After dinner on board we depart for the islands, waking up at an amazing anchorage in the Canarreos Archipelago. Estimated Travel Time: 4hours Approximate Distance: 250km

Tage 3-7 Canarreos Archipel (5F,5M,4A)

Reise zu den Inseln des Canarreos-Archipels, die weit genug von der kubanischen Hauptinsel entfernt sind, dass du dich fühlen wirst als hättest du inmitten dieser unberührten, kaum bewohnten Inseln das Paradies gefunden. Verbringe die nächsten 5 Tage dami

Today we begin to explore some of the the Caribbeans most beautiful islands. Comprised of approximately 350 Islets and known to be rustic and quiet then many of the other popular destinations for travelers in Cuba. The travel times between the islands give you time to relax and take in the warm Caribbean air, or take up an opportunity to fish for your lunch, that the cook would be happy to prepare. Islands Visited: Cayo Largo The largest island amongst the Canarreos Archipelago, it is know for it's 25km of pristine white sandy beaches and Mangrove forests. You won't have any troubles relaxing here! Kick back with a book while sipping on refreshing beverages, play a game of beach volleyball or enjoy some snorkeling . Take a river cruise amongst the maze of mangroves looking out for a sighting of a crocodile. Cayo Rico Intense turquoise waters welcome you. Explore the small island, feed the Iguana's indigenous to the island and enjoy a cocktail at a small friendly beach bar. Take part in snorkeling right off the boat as there is plenty of diverse fish species and coral reef. Cayo Rosario It is well known for it's abundant amount of fish that swim amongst the seabed. As with Cayo Rico, Iguanas walk the island freely, and make for an adventurous environment. This uninhabited island, except for the workers that maintain the small biological reserve home to a monkey sanctuary. Make sure to bring a little gift for the Sanctuary keepers as they love to receive useful keepsakes to make their time on the island more enjoyable.

Tag 8 Havanna

Abfahrt aus Cienfuegos nach dem Frühstück. Ankunft gegen Mittag in Havanna, wo der Trip endet. Bitte buche eine Weiterreise an diesem Tag erst ab 15 Uhr.

Depart Cienfuegos after breakfast and arrive back into Havana around noon where the trip will end. Please do not book any onward travel until at 3pm this day. Estimated Travel time: 4hours Approximate Distance: 250km

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