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Help Children in Cape Town

  • 10 Day(s)
  • Trip Code : CPTHFO

If you love working with children then this is the project for you! Many of the areas that volunteers will be helping at are located in under privileged, under-resourced communities so any help and all contributions are gratefully received. You will be doing all of this as well as living in stunning Cape Town with outstanding beauty, amazing food and brilliant night life

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We want to connect you to Africa, the projects and the communities you will be involved in and facilitate an experience that may well change your life forever. Volunteering provides a sustainable platform, in the absence of funding to make a meaningful difference and to show people, less fortunate than ourselves - that we care. The projecs welcome anyone with open arms to come help build a healthy, happy, peaceful South Africa. Volunteers are hosted in a safe, happy and established environment, a home from home - where they can discover the beauty and challenges of living in South Africa and walk away with a rich experience, which they will carry through life. The projects work with a team of people around the city and the country, coordinators and facilitators who are very passionate about helping and volunteering. There are many community projects from children & community and conservation. You will be placed at a project where you can best share your knowledge, skills and experience and where you can develop yourself and learn. The projects work closely with crèches, run by local women in the township (65 kids +) and a safe house or orphanage for 20 - 30 children. Many volunteers love to work at this project, which are typically understaffed and underfunded, and struggle with so many challenges and basic needs. You'll assist children & teachers by providing love & care for the children, and support to the teachers. The children speak a variety of African languages and you will learn so much from their love & enthusiasm. English is the spoken language, with Afrikaans and Xhosa. We prefer that you choose 1 project as your main project and explore from there. Experience African culture & the best of Cape Town: - Your evenings and weekends are free to explore the culture, restaurants, beaches and great outdoors & nightlife. Relax on our beautiful beaches, hike in the mountains, and experience the natural wonders & beauty of Cape Town. The city is part of the Table Mountain range, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

A day in the life of a volunteer

Before you will be starting volunteering you will have 3 days of orientation that covers everything you need to know about the projects, local living and culture and does include a walking tour of Cape Town, train ride and a Full Day Tour around the Peninsula. Following activities will be expecting you on the projects: Playing and cuddling and coordinating activities -Provide an extra pair of hands for teachers/carers developing relationships and make a difference whilst being a positive influence on people's lives. Volunteer also at a variety of community projects, meet local personalities & be part of the community. From folk music, gospel walks, to carnival & traditional healers, there is a special place for you. Play simple games with babies and children - Assist with feedings and afternoon nap times - Read stories to the children - Assist creche supervisor with keeping children busy and keeping creche tidy - Assist with cooking, laundry and gardening (optional) - Initiate and co-ordinate activities: sports, games, drama, art, music, storytelling - Arrange and take out children on outings - Assist with Administration work Your work as a volunteer will be to support the women and grandmothers of the community, who open day care centers and other spaces, to look after and care for the many children coming into to Masiphumelele from the rural areas, as well as children of refugees - who have come to South Africa from other African countries eg. Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, DRC and Somalia. These women form the backbone of the community, but often take strain, as they are under resourced and often have to deal with many challenges just to feed the children. They take in children who are HIV positive, whose families are often living on the breadline and orphaned children, who are being looked after by the community. There are also a lot of activities which you can participate in the afternoons. The additional activities monies go towards building micro enterprise, and enable the projects to be self-sustaining. Some examples of activities: a visit to a traditional healer, a `trot` or walk in the mountains with rap artist ` Trigger`, a heritage walk - exploring the Khoisan people ( Original people of the Cape ), a gospel tour, visit Emzantsi Carnival project, turn plastic into art, learn how to make a puppet , take a healing journey with Themba, his drums and African songs - these are just a few of the enriching experiences this project has to offer. Relax in the evenings at your volunteer bases.

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  • South Africa

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  • Trip Style: Volunteer
  • Comfort Level: Basic
  • Physical Demands: You'll have to walk around on your own, climb some stairs and carry your own bag. Easy does it.

What's included?

•Airport Transfer
•CAPE TOWN ORIENTATION: 3 nights accommodation, orientation that covers everything the volunteers need to know about staying in South Africa (from social skills to transport and safety), two meals per day, bus trip into town, lunch (on the Friday), walking tour of the city and Kommetjie, a train ride back to their accommodation and day trip (on the Saturday).
•Orientation walk around township and introduction to projec ...

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