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Cape Town`s wild seas are prone to ships having oil spills, which is very bad news for endangered sea birds like the African Penguin that lives and swims along the Cape Coast. Due to pollution and climate change penguin chicks are becoming more and more vulnerable, and without intervention they would face extinction. This project has stepped up to the plate and is doing all it can to nurture and rescue penguins and other sea birds in distress. Volunteers get involved with the day-to day care od seabirds: washing oil off seabirds, feeding them fish and cleaning their swimming pools. Once the sea birds are healthy and fit enough to survive, they are released back into the wild. This organisation was established in 1968 and have cared for over 83 000 seabirds. Mandated by the South African government, this project is responsible for the rehabilitation of sick, injured, oiled and abandoned Seabirds. Although they are known worldwide for their success in rehabilitating African Penguins during major oil spills on the Southern African coastline, they also care for and rehabilitate many other species of seabirds including Cape Gannets, variety of Gulls and Cormorants, Pelicans and even the odd Albatross. With a staff component of 10 people of which only 4 People work hands-on with the birds on a daily basis, the need for volunteers speaks for itself.

A day in the life of a volunteer

Volunteers will be taught how to catch, handle, feed, tube and administer medication to a variety of Seabirds, assist in the Intensive Care Unit as well as clean & scrub bird pens on a daily basis. Volunteers must be prepared to work a 5 day week including weekends and work according to shift schedule arranged by the volunteer coordinator once they start. Highlights: - Hands-on work with seabirds - Learning about conservation - Actively partaking in the conservation of endangered seabirds - Being witness to penguins and other seabirds recovery process - There might be an opportunity to go on a release trip to Robben Island, off Cape Town (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned) -Robben Island is home to one of the largest African Penguin colonies in the world In your free time you have great opportunities to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town or do some exciting activities or just relax and sit back!

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