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This over-stretched recovery hospital meets a vital need amongst the community's poorer families. You will support the recuperation of sick children through helping with simple food preparation, doing laundry, managing the donation of toys and giving lots of cuddles! You will also teach and develop through playing games, singing and reading stories, providing much-needed stimulation for the little ones.

Day 1 to 3 - Cape Town Orientation

Volunteers will arrive into Cape Town today and be picked up at the airport to start their 3 day Cape Town Orientation. During this orientation volunteers will receive 3 nights accommodation, an orientation that covers everything volunteers need to know about staying in South Africa, 2 meals per day, trips into the city centre, lunch on Friday, a walking tour of the city and a day trip on Saturday. This is the volunteers chance to sit back and see the city - before the hard work begins!

Day 4 to 30 - On the Project

During the volunteers time at the hospital you will be working with sick and injured children. Tasks will vary depending on what the hospital needs at any one time. You will be most likely involved in teaching and encouraging young children through play and assist with feeding. At other times you will be helping teachers with teaching activities and keeping the rooms tidy and organised. There is also the opportunity for volunteers to run a simple computer literacy course for the local staff nurses who haven't had access to computers - there are computers available at the hospital but none of the nurses benefit from this as they do not even know the basics about computers. So a volunteer's time is divided between all these vital tasks, as well as spending time with the children and babies. The children love playing games and singing, and need mental stimulation such as learning the words for parts of their body, and having stories read to them. Just like any other child, these little ones need love, attention and stimulation which the staff are sometimes too busy to offer, so volunteers are much appreciated! In the evenings and weekend you have free time to explore the beautiful city and surroundings with many great activities or just sit back and relax.

Day 31 - Departure

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