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Tag 1 Rom

Ankunft zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Arrive at any time. There is a welcome meeting in the afternoon, check in the hotel lobby or ask at reception for more details.

Tag 2 Garfagnana (1F,1A)

Genieße ein italienisches Frühstück vor einem Orientierungs-Spaziergang durch Rom. Anschließend Zugfahrt in die Toskana und Transfer zum Agriturismo, unserer Basis für den Rest der Woche. Wir unternehmen einen kurzen Spaziergang zum Dorf Sambuca.

After breakfast today take an orientation walk around Rome and then you are free to explore at your own pace. In the early afternoon take a train to Tuscany and after a private transfer arrive at the Rural Villa. After arrival and a bit of time to freshen up go for a short walk to the village of Sambuca. In the evening enjoy a well deserved first group dinner which has been prepared by your local host. Please note the home cooking experience will take place on a best suited day for your specific group.

Tag 3 Garfagnana (1F,1A)

Nach einem kurzen Transfer beginnen wir eine 5-stündige Wanderung durch die Berge und Dörfer. Nach einem optionalen Mittagessen in einem Dorf kehren wir am am Nachmittag zum Agriturismo zurück. Dort besteht die Möglichkeit, am Abend das Dorf Castelnuovo z

Today the hiking begins early with a short transfer to the start point of the Hike. Most of the day will be spent taking in the fresh mountain air walking through different mountain trails and Villages. A lunch stop will be made where you can opt for lunch at a local restaurant. Around 4pm return back to the accommodation. In the evening head to Castel Novo for some gelato or take time to relax at the property. Altitude: 500m Hiking time: 5 hours

Tag 4 Garfagnana (1F,1A)

Heute wandern wir zum verlassenen Dorf Colle di Favilla und erfahren dort, wie das Leben früher einmal war. Anschließend wandern wir nach Moscata, von wo aus wir die herrliche Aussicht auf die Berge genießen, bevor wir in den Agriturismo zurückkehren.

After a 30 minute drive and an hour walk we reach the remote Village of Colle di Favilla where we learn a little about the life of the villagers at this location. We then continue uphill to the refuge of Mosceta where, leaving the woods behind we enjoy a spectacular close up view of the mountain range where we take our picnic lunch of local produce. After lunch, we begin making our way back down the mountain range. Passing the beautiful Tana dell'Uomo Selvatico cave we continue walking for another 3 hours under the shady forest. We are later picked up and transferred back to the Villa for some rest and another enjoyable local dinner. Hiking time: approximately 6 hours

Tag 5 Garfagnana (1F,1A)

Auf einem Ausflug in die Berge erleben wir, wie das Getreide im traditionellen Stil von den Einheimischen gemahlen wird. Wir erhalten einen Einblick in die traditionellen Methoden der Tierzucht und unternehmen am Nachmittag eine kurze Wanderung.

Travel to see corn milled the traditional way in a nearby village. Also visit an animal farm to see the typical Garfagnana cows and sheep and have their origins explained. Take lunch and explore the small historic village of Sillico. After lunch head off for a short hike in the scenic countryside around this beautiful region. On returning back to the property put your feet up and in the evening enjoy dinner.

Tag 6 Garfagnana (1F,1A)

Heute brechen wir früh zu unserer Wanderung auf, die uns bergauf durch Wälder und durch weite, offene Landschaft führt. Nach einer Mittagspause genießen wir auf dem Abstieg die herrliche Berglandschaft, entlang an einer natürlichen Steinwand.

Start the day with a transfer to the trail head and start the 2 and a half hour trek uphill through the forest and into open ground. After lunch head down the mountain along different paths following a natural stone wall enjoying the vista enroute. Return to the property for the last night dinner with the group. Altitude: Drive up to 1,000m Trek up to 700m Descent: From 1700 down to 800m

Tag 7 Garfagnana (1F)

Transfer zurück zum Bahnhof inklusive. Bitte buche deine Weiterreise ab 15 Uhr oder später.

After breakfast a locally arranged transfer is provided back to the main train station. Please book any onward travel after 3:00pm.

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