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Tag 1 Kiruna

Ankunft in Kiruna zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Arrive at any time.

Tage 2-4 Wildnis Lapplands (3F,3M,3A)

Du triffst deine Schlittenhunde und fährst mit ihnen in die Wildnis Schwedens. Unterwegs gehst du Eisfischen, kannst die Schneeschuhe auspacken, und mit etwas Glück siehst du die Nordlichter, während du auf deinem Schlitten gezogen wirst.

After breakfast transfer to the kennels to meet your team of dogs, your personal transport for the next few days. You are kitted out with cold weather clothing and given a full safety briefing before you get started. You will be provided with a large coverall which goes over your own ski gear, warm boots (that go over your own hiking boots), mittens, and a hat. We recommend that you familiarise yourself as much as you can with your dogs before you get started. You don't want them running away from you! Once you are acquainted with your team of dogs, its time to get going. There's nothing these dogs like more than running over the snow. Once the leader of the pack gets going, then all the other dogs will follow to see if they can catch them up. Remember though, its not a race so there's no overtaking. We do our best to keep the dogs calm and get them into a good rhythm. Your first priority once you've stopped is to care for your dogs. They've put in a lot of hard work, so it's only fair that you feed them and make sure they are warm. After this, relax in the cabin for lunch before trying a local skill, ice fishing. Drill the ice holes, feed them and mark them before insulating them. The rest of the evening is free for dinner and the option for a sauna. Approximate mushing time: 25km

Tag 5 ICEHOTEL® (1F,1M)

Heute verabschiedest du dich von deinen Hunden und kehrst in die Zivilisation zurück. Du besuchst das Museum der Kultur der Samen und machst eine Rentier-Safari. Die Nacht verbringst du im berühmten ICEHOTEL®.

An early start this morning, as you go to our ice fishing holes to see what you might catch this morning. Now that you are awake yourself, its time to rouse your dogs before your day's sledding. You have a lot of ground to cover today, as you cover up to 40km out on the trails. At times, all you will hear is the panting of the dogs and the whoosh of your sled over the snow. It's a great way to see the scenery as it unfolds around you. This unique landscape is cloaked in darkness for much of the winter, and it can be that the sun does not rise for months in this snowy wilderness. This evening there is a twist to your accommodation, when we stay in a tepee out in the snow. Stop here for dinner, and then bed down for the night. In this remote part of Sweden, there is a great chance that you will be able to see the famous Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. The Aurora is caused by charged electrons from the solar wind meeting the elements in the earth's atmosphere. The science behind it is simple to explain, but its just as likely that you would want to just sit back and enjoy this incredible natural phenomenon lighting up the sky. Approximate mushing time: 40km

Tag 6 ICEHOTEL®/Kiruna (1F)

Vormittag zur freien Verfügung. Abreise zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Returning to the lodge, we sadly say goodbye to our new canine friends. Having been with us for the last few days, they now have a much-deserved rest as we head off on a different challenge. Developed as the easiest way to get across the snow thousands of years ago, snowshoeing has become popularised in these Arctic regions. It's said that if you can walk, then you should have no trouble snowshoeing, so we can put that theory to the test today. Once we've mastered this technique, then you'll find that getting across the snow is straightforward, although it can be tiring, so a much needed rest today will be appreciated.

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