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Amazon Clipper: Amazon & Negro River Cruise

  • 6 Day(s)
  • Trip Code : MAONEG

In just a little short of a week, you'll have dined under the starry southern hemisphere, fished for piranha, canoed the watery edges of the Amazonian rainforest and swam with Pink River dolphins - so, not really your average week. You'll learn all the local secrets about the leafy jungle and you'll see more amazing sights than you could possibly imagine on treks through the incredible Amazon forests. Make the wilderness you're home for a week - you'll never want to leave!

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Day 1 Manaus / Amazon

The tour kicks off in the lobby of the Tropical Hotel at 2 pm - don't be late! Board a clipper headed for the Amazon river and sip on a welcome drink (or two!). After a snack, you'll attend some lectures about the Amazon, its ecology and then try a caipirinha - the national drink of Brazil! Tuck into a delicious dinner then go out to explore the river's edge with a powerful searchlight where there's every chance you'll spot a scaly caiman, night hawks, snakes, toro-rats and a heap more night dwellers. Exciting!

Day 2 Amazon

Sleep away as the clipper steadily winds its way upstream and come morning you'll awaken to the sight of the Janauaca Lake - hop into a canoe to explore a wakening forest! Float next to sweet Amazon river dolphins then get back on board for breakfast - that's better than a morning in the office! Stride out on foot into the forest to pay a visit to the inhabitants of the lake and, in the afternoon, it's time for a spot of piranha fishing. After dinner there's no time for relaxing - you'll head out on canoes to observe weird and wonderful nocturnal animals, not to mention a chance to ogle at the millions of stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere.

Day 3 Amazon

It's an early morning to see boisterous bird species get up smack in the middle of January Ecological Park. You'll also visit the strange and beautiful flooded and Varzea forests! While you enjoy breakfast the boat will start to navigate towards the Meeting of the Waters, where the light coloured streams of the Amazon and the dark waters of the Negro flow side by side without mixing - it's an amazing sight to see. Navigating up the Rio Negro, pass the floating docks near Manaus port, with views of local markets, old custom houses and the dome of the Opera House. Come evening, take a leisurely canoe trip around the forest, with the chorus of birds and frogs ringing in your ears.

Day 4 Amazon

Don't expect any time to sleep in on this trip - it's time for another canoe trip to see parrots, toucans and other fascinating herbivores. After a filling breakfast, the guide will take you on a walk through the forests, illustrating the way plants and animals have evolved in the rainforest. Come midday, as the humidity hits its peak, it's the perfect time to swim and laze around before the clipper makes its way to the Anavilhanas National Park. One of the world's largest freshwater archipelagos, it's a pretty impressive sight! In the afternoon, you can carry on your explorations in a canoe - you should be pretty professional by now.

Day 5 Amazon

If you're an avid angler, or just want to see what fishing is all about, what better way to try it out than this morning? After breakfast you'll visit a native community - walk through their gardens is always interesting as many of these settlers are of Indian ancestry and the breadth of their knowledge of the rainforest is enormous! Learn all about the preparation of manioc flour, day to day life as well as health and education for local children. After lunch it's all about lounging on white sandy beaches and swimming alongside amazing Pink River dolphins - bliss. Then it's canoeing and scouting for wildlife in the late afternoon - it's your last chance so don't miss out!

Day 6 Amazon / Manaus

Land in the Lago January Ecological Park, which is awesome for observing wildlife. There's even a chance you'll see the Victoria Regia, the giant water lily. Travel back through the Meeting of the Waters and once you spot dry land around 11.30, you'll know the tour is sadly coming to an end.

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