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Tag 1 Seoul

Ankunft zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Arrive at any time. There are no activities planned today until the evening Welcome Meeting where you will meet your CEO and fellow travellers, learn more details about the upcoming trip and fill out some important paperwork. After, there is an optional dinner in a local restaurant.

Tage 2-3 Seoul/Demilitarisierte Zone (2F)

Genieße eine Stadttour in der pulsierenden Hauptstadt Südkoreas. Besuche verschiedene Teile der Stadt und den Gyeongbokgung-Palast. Besuche am Tag 3 die Demilitarisierte Zone zwischen Nord- und Südkorea. Mit über 1 Million Soldaten, die hier jeden Tag Wac

Enjoy a city tour by private bus in the bustling capital of South Korea. Visit different areas of the city including Gyeongbokgung Palace, the National Folklore Museum, and Namdaemun Market. On Day 3 visit the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. With over a million soldiers on watch each day, it is one of the last remnants of the Cold War. You'll travel to the DMZ in the morning by private bus and spend about 3-4 hours visiting the site before returning back to Seoul for another night in the city.

Tage 4-5 Gyeongju/Yangdong (2F)

Es geht weiter nach Gyeongju. Sieh dir auf einer inbegriffenen Tour die Sehenswürdigkeiten an, darunter die Seokguram-Grotte und den Bulguksa-Tempel, zwei UNESCO-Welterbe-Stätten. Besuche am Nachmittag das Yangdong Folk Village, ein 500 Jahre altes UNESCO

Depart Seoul in the morning and travel by high-speed train to Gyeongju, taking just over two hours to reach the city. In the afternoon there is an included tour of some local highlights including the UNESCO World Heritage temples. On Day 5, we'll take a private van to visit the 500-year-old UNESCO site of Yangdong Folk Village, located in Gyeongju National Park, to get a feel for life during the early Joseon Dynasty.

Tag 6 Gampo/Busan (1F,1A)

Reise am Morgen nach Gampo und besuche die uralten Zwillingspagoden des Gaeunsa-Tempels und das Unterwassergrab von König Munmu. Von dort geht es weiter nach Busan für eine Übernachtung in einem lokalen Tempel.

In the morning, travel by private van to Gampo to visit the ancient Twin Pagodas of Gaeunsa Temple and the underwater tomb of King Munmu. From there, continue on to Busan for an overnight in a local temple. At the temple, you'll stay in rooms called Ondo. These rooms are very traditional, heated to be cozy and comfortable, with beds made up directly on the floor. The rooms here are multi-share, divided up by male and female. Enjoy a traditional dinner and breakfast during the stay.

Tag 7 Busan/Jejudo (1F)

Genieße eine morgendliche Tour durch Busan vor dem Flug nach Jejudo. Besuche den belebten Jagalchi-Fischmarkt, den Gujesijang-Markt und den Yongdusan-Park. Abends Ankunft auf Jejudo.

Enjoy a morning tour of Busan with a private van before a flight to Jeju Island. Visit the bustling Jagalchi fish market, Gujesijang market and Yongdusan Park. Arrive to Jeju in the evening.

Tag 8 Jejudo (1F)

Genieße eine Tour der Highlights der Insel Jejudo, einschließlich der Manjang-Höhle, Seongsan Ilchulbong, Seongeup Folk Village und Sangumburi-Krater.

Enjoy a tour of Jeju Island's highlights.

Tag 9 Jejudo/Seoul (1F)

Während eines freien Tages in Jejudo kannst du einige letzte Sehenswürdigkeiten besuchen, bevor du den kurzen Flug zurück nach Seoul nimmst.

Opt to visit some final sights during a free day in Jeju before a short flight back to Seoul.

Tag 10 Seoul (1F)

Abreise zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Depart at anytime.

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