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Day 1 Alice Springs

Arrive at any time.

Arrive at any time and settle into the hostel. There will be a group meeting in the evening; please look for a welcome note when you arrive to learn about the time and location. Afterwards, there will be an optional group dinner with the CEO.

Tag 1 Alice Springs/Kings Canyon/Uluru (1A)

Wir treffen uns um 5:45 Uhr in Alice Springs und fahren ins Rote Zentrum. Wanderung im fantastischen Kings Canyon bevor es weitergeht nach Uluru.

Depart early for the Red Centre. In the heat of the summer, we will sometimes depart as early as 3 or 4am so that we arrive to the sites before the high temperature levels in the middle of the day. Travel to Kings Canyon and embark on an optional walk, weather permitting, through the gorges and valleys of Watarrka National Park, including the natural Amphitheatre, the North and South Walls and the Garden of Eden. Continue on to the Uluru campground for the night. Estimated travel time - 8 hours Approximate travel distance - 700km

Tag 2 Uluru (1F,1A)

Besuche im Aborigine-Cultural-Centre und informative Mala-Wanderung um einen Teil Ulurus. Bestaune den Sonnenuntergang über Uluru, bevor wir zum Campingplatz aufbrechen, um dort die Nacht zu verbringen. Unter dem Sternenhimmel zu zelten, ist ein einzigart

Visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre to get a better understanding of the area before embarking on the Mala Walk around part of the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Learn the significance behind this iconic destination for the local people. Experience the colourful sunset at Uluru, while enjoying a glass of bubbly. Marvel at the night sky while bunking down in a swag (canvas bedroll) for the night. Between November and March, there is extreme heat with temperatures averaging between 43-46°C in the middle of Australia, especially around Uluru and Kings Canyon. This can lead to heat exhaustion and potentially become very dangerous. Be sure to drink plenty of water and replenish electrolytes by drinking sports drinks, coconut water or water mixed with electrolyte powder packets.  The Mala Walk at Uluru is not permitted if temperatures exceed 40°C. During these hot months, we will endeavour to offer all walks early in the day to avoid the heat. Our CEOs will monitor the weather conditions to gauge the safety of any included walks and may need to call off a given day's walk due to extreme heat. Estimated travel time: 6 hours Travel distance: 450 km

Tag 3 Coober Pedy (1F)

Durchquere den Outback auf schroffen Wegen bis Coober Pedy, der Welthauptstadt des Opalabbaus. Nach einer Tour durch eine Mine entkommst du der Hitze des Tages, wie die Einheimischen es machen - es geht in den Untergrund.

Travel across the Outback to the unique opal mining town of Coober Pedy, where people live underground to avoid the heat. A guided mine tour gives insight to the mining process and then importance of opal to the area. Overnight like the locals by sleeping in an underground hostel, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Estimated travel time: 9 hours Travel distance: 780 km

Tag 4 William Creek (1F)

Du reist auf der Route der Old Ghan Railways - dem Oodnadatta-Track. Du überquerst den Dingo-Zaun und erkundest unterwegs einige historische Siedlungen.

We follow the Oodnadatta Track, strewn with ruins of failed early settler activity, along the route of the equally unsuccessful original Ghan Railway route. We cross the dingo fence and stop to explore a number of historic settler sites along the way. Estimated travel time: 3 hours Travel distance: 180 km

Tag 5 Beltana Station (1F,1A)

Wir fahren weiter auf dem Oodnadatta-Track. Bestaune Ruinen von Häusern früherer Siedler, besuche das Arabunna Aborigine Centre und mach einen optionalen Rundflug über den großen Salzsee Lake Eyre. Du erlebst eine einzigartige Übernachtung in der historis

Today we continue along the Oodnadatta track exploring the original Ghan Railway and historic settler sites. View the salt lake of Lake Eyre and enjoy a dip in a remote thermal spring. Learn of the importance of the local Indigenous people at the Arabunna Aboriginal Centre. Learn about the European history of the region before settling into the Historic Beltana Sheep Station. Estimated travel time: 6 hours Travel distance: 365km

Tag 6 Adelaide (1F)

Fahrt durch die Flinders-Ranges mit Halt für Fotos, bevor wir eine Weinprobe im Clare Valley machen.

Depart Beltana and take one of the gorges into the Flinders Ranges, stopping to absorb the magnificent views along the drive. From Hawker take the famous RM Williams drive. Travel through the Clare Valley wine area, making a stop for a wine tasting and demonstration to learn about the development of the vineyards in the area. South Australia has earned its place as one of the top wine regions in the world. Arrive in Adelaide, known as the "city of churches'. Estimated travel time: 7.5 hours Travel distance: 550 km

Tag 7 Adelaide

Abreise zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Today is the departure day; feel free to depart at any time. If you would like more time to explore Adelaide, we recommend booking post-trip accommodation.

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