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By staying and diving at Les Village, you help the villagers undertake dive hospitality and upgrade their livelihoods. DiVo and Sea Communities are non-profit and any margin over the cost of covering the volunteers' food, lodging, transport and diving is reinvested in Les Bali's village infrastructure upgrading and coral rehabilitation. US$31 per person goes to Adopt a Coral, which pays for the coral rehabilitation program. US$22 per person goes to upgrading village infrastructure. On top of that, what you pay for food, lodging and diving goes directly to the local village supplier for dive guiding, porterage, food and lodging. Tank fills go to repaying micro financiers that lent the villagers money to buy a compressor and scuba tanks. First, you will help rebuild a coral reef reduced to rubble by cyanide fishing. You take a bit of coral from an existing coral farm and transplant it to underwater gardens that allow it to grow while being monitored and taken care of by the fishermen. The fishermen also get an enhanced sense of responsibility over coral that they are painstakingly growing from scratch, reinforcing their determination not to allow the present and future generations to destroy the reef again. Now that the coral reef has started to rejuvenate, fishermen are seeing how slowly fish life takes to regenerate. They now practice self-policing of their fishing catch, making sure they allow baby fingerlings to escape. They regularly monitor fish numbers and size at various fishing sites top avoid overfishing and allow sites to lie fallow for regeneration. You will help the local fisherman and marine biologist transplant the coral, be a coral gardener and learn fish surveying to help the fishermen in their self-policing monitoring program.

Departure Days


Departure Days



- Transfer from/to Bali Airport or main resort areas in south eg Kuta, Sanur, Ubud - Accommodation - 3 meals a day - Coffee/tea/water - 9 dives over 4 days, tanks and weights provided (if you opt for the dive option) - Dive guide ((if you opt for the dive option)) - Training materials

Not Included

- Dive gear rental - Wifi - Alcohol - Laundry - Telephone - Insurance (must show proof at time of payment to STA or at arrival) - Optional tours and dives eg boat dives nearby, wreck diving at SS Liberty, waterfall trek


Price based on min 2 to book for a non diver. For divers, ask your agent for more details.

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