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Tag 1 Santiago

Ankunft zu jeder Zeit möglich. Ankunftstransfer inklusive.

Arrival day, no activities planned. The day is free to spend at your leisure exploring the city until our welcome meeting this evening. Should you want more time to explore Santiago and do optional day trips, we highly recommend you book additional pre-nights Santiago is Chile-

Tag 2 Santiago (1F)

Einen ganzen Tag erkundest du lokale Weingüter und kehrst abends nach Santiago zurück.

Spend the day enjoying Chile's tastiest export, wine. Tour different wineries in the Maipu Valley, learn the history of the region's wineries and learn a thing or two about the art of wine making.

Tage 3-4 Puerto Varas (2F,1M)

Flug nach Puerto Montt und Transfer nach Puerto Varas in Chiles malerischem Lake District. Genieße fantastische Ausblicke auf den Vulkan Osorno. An Tag 4 steht eine kulturelle Tour auf dem Programm, bei der du den lebendigen Angelmó-Fischmarkt erkundest,

Fly to Puerto Montt and transfer to Puerto Varas in the stunning Chilean Lake District, enjoying views of the Osorno Volcano. Take a cultural tour including Angelmó fish market and scenic drive down the "Southern Highway" visiting the local community of Quillaipe. Here we enjoy a typical "curanto" meal, Curanto is a specialty of the region that is traditionally slow-cooked food in the ground under hot rocks including shellfish, sausages, potatoes, veggies, etc. On Day 4, option to take an excursion to Chiloe' Island. Encompassing a narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the high peaks of the Andes-approximately 180 km (112 miles) wide, but with a coastline stretching over 4300 km (14104 ft), Chile's 'geografia loca' (as termed by Benjamin Subercasseaux) includes the driest desert, the Atacama in the north, the agriculturally rich Central Valley, snow-covered volcanoes, forests and tranquil lakes of the near south, and the wild and windswept glaciers and fjords of the far south. And the cuisine at times rivals the natural setting! Puerto Varas is a city located in the the Southern Chilean province of Llanquique in the Los Lagos (Lake District) region of Chile. The Lakes District is considered the gateway to Chilean Patagonia and Puerto Varas is the most important tourist centre of the region. Located roughly 996 Km (618 miles) to the south of Santiago, it sits on the southern shore of Lake Llanquique, one of the large natural lakes of South America, and boasts a magnificent backdrop of the snowcapped Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes. There are few areas in the world that can match the Chilean Lake District for scenic grandeur. South of the Rio Tolten and sprawled across the provinces of Valdivia, Osorno and Llanquihue, you'll find everything from snow-capped mountains to deep-blue and emerald lakes, smoking volcanoes, forests and glaciers. Outside noisy cities, such as Puerto Montt, the loudest sound you're likely to hear is the roar of waterfalls streaming down cliff faces into crystal clear pools. This is a favourite vacation ground for domestic tourists, visitors from across the Andes and around the globe. The region's architecture is unique in that older structures are wooden and resemble European homes and churches of the 19th Century. This is due to the significant number of immigrants from central Europe (largely Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy) who settled here over the last half of that century. The regional cuisine also reflects this, with many restaurants specializing in kuchen and other baked delicacies. Seafood dishes also abound in this region. Of particular interest to visitors is the curanto Chilote, a hearty seafood stew that'll leave you ready for a siesta. Day 3 Travel: Santiago to Puerto Varas Approximate distance: 996 Km Approximate flight time: 1.5 hours Included Activity: Guided Cultural Tour and local lunch

Tage 5-6 Bariloche (2F)

Busfahrt und Fähre nach Bariloche, Argentinien. Besuche die Petrohue-Wasserfälle und genieße die Landschaft vom -

Travel by bus and ferry to Bariloche, Argentina. Visit the Petrohue Falls, then enjoy the sights as the -

Tage 7-9 Buenos Aires (3F)

Flug nach Buenos Aires und anschließend mit inbegriffene Stadtrundfahrt. Freie Zeit, die vielen Attraktionen, Museen und Parks zu entdecken. Optionale Tangoshow mit Dinner oder Tagestour in das Tigre-Delta.

Argentina is the second giant of South America with a landscape nearly as varied as its people. Modern and sophisticated, Argentina has much more in common with Europe than with the rest of its neighbours. Enjoy a half-day city tour to familiarize yourself with its sites and sounds. The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the ultimate cosmopolitan city. Nearly 40 per cent of Argentina's 33 million citizens live in Greater Buenos Aires, and the Porteños are justifiably proud of their home. The city is comprised of a number of distinct neighbourhoods, some of which have become top tourist draws. For many, the highlight of their time in the capital is a visit to San Telmo for the weekend antiques market and street artistís displays. La Boca was originally settled by the successive waves of immigrants that contribute to the capital's unique character. Its brightly coloured walls and buildings draw Porteños and tourists alike, and it is here that the world-class football team, Boca Juniors, plies its trade. A Sunday afternoon match at the fabled Bombonera is not to be missed. Posh Recoleta, with its cafes, museums and cemetery, is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. During colonial days Buenos Aires was the seat of the Viceroy of La Plata. Almost completely rebuilt since the turn of the century, the heart of the city is the Plaza de Mayo, with the historic Cabildo (Town Hall), where the Independence movement was first planned, the Casa Rosada (Government Palace) and the Cathedral where San Martín, the father of Argentine independence, is buried. When you are done exploring, settle your weary feet and enjoy a drink in one of the many sidewalk cafes and restaurants and you will begin to understand the contemplative Argentine way of life. And since Buenos Aires will be your last chance to try the succulent bife and parrilladas, dig in and enjoy! Please note: You should be especially careful when wandering about the capital city on your own, particularly at night. Tourists are easy prey for individual pickpockets or groups of two or more people working as a team on the streets. Pay particular attention to anyone who 'accidentally' spills anything on your clothes or belongings (mustard, etc.), then apologizes and offers to help clean up. They will clean you out instead! Be safe and leave your passport, credit cards, travellers cheques and cash funds you won't be using immediately in the hotel's safety deposit box. Most Porteños are honest and genuinely helpful and friendly, but be safe and enjoy the city!

Tage 10-11 Iguazú-Wasserfälle (2F)

Du fliegst zu den Iguazú-Wasserfällen. Zwei Tage lang kannst du die argentinische und brasilianische Seite der Wasserfälle erkunden. Optional kannst du eine Bootsfahrt zur Basis der Fälle unternehmen oder einen Vogelpark besuchen.

Our visit to Brazil begins with the magnificent Foz do Iguaçu, or Iguassu falls, bordering Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. It's a frenzied city that does not have a lot on offer but serves as a jump-off point for a visit to the Falls. The torrential Iguassu River crosses the State of Paraná in Southern Brazil from East to West. A few kilometres before its junction with the Paraná River it forms one of the most splendorous natural beauties of the world: Iguassu Falls. Over 2.7 kilometres long and an average flow of 1.750 m3/s, this wonder is located in a very special place. The contrast between the green of the vegetation and the dark colour of the basalt rocks with whirring waters plunging from a 72-meter high cliff is magical. At Iguassu there are 275 falls in all, spread over a 3-km area, some over 80m (262.4 ft) in height, making these cataracts wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara! It should come as no surprise that UNESCO declared the region a World Heritage Site in 1986. Originally -

Tage 12-13 Paraty (2F,1A)

Flug nach São Paulo und Weiterfahrt im privaten Minibus nach Paraty. Besuch in einer nahegelegenen afro-brasilianischen Gemeinde für einen einzigartigen kulturellen Austausch. Dort kannst du an einer Handarbeitsvorführung oder einer Tanzstunde teilnehmen,

Fly to Sao Paulo and continue by private minivan to Paraty. Enjoy a visit a nearby Afro-Brazilian community for a unique cultural interaction. Here we have options to participate in handicraft demonstrations or dance classes, followed by a traditional meal. Optional cachaça (sugar cane liquor) distillery visits or take a boat excursion in the bay to some of the nearby islands and beaches. Paraty is a quaint colonial town renowned for its architecture. The pace is slow but do not let this fool you as there is a lot to choose from. Sitting on Brazil's southeastern "costa verde" (green coast), it lies on the border of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo states, and it is a popular among those who want to get away from it all -

Tag 14 Rio de Janeiro (1F)

Mit einem privaten Van geht es nach Rio de Janeiro, wo du optional eine Stadtrundfahrt machen oder die Stadt auf eigene Faust entdecken kannst. Dein Hotel liegt in zentraler Lage an der Copacabana.

We continue along the coast through superb scenery before rounding the cliffs at Vidigal, where we get our first glimpse of one of the most memorable cities in the world Brazil-

Tag 15 Rio de Janeiro (1F)

Abreise zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Depart at any time.

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