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Day 1: Arrive Dublin

Your city centre hostel is already sorted. Arrive in Dublin and check in before joining us for some welcome drinks in one of Dublin's local Irish pubs.   

Day 2: Dublin's Fair City

Take a trip around the Guinness Storehouse and discover all there is to know about the black stuff. After our walking tour through the sights and streets of Dublin there's the chance to enjoy the music and dancing at all the festival events.  

Day 3: St. Patrick's Day

Today is the day you've been waiting for, St. Patrick's Day! Grab your spot early as the streets of Dublin fill fast. Get ready to have your senses bombarded with colour, music and scenes you will not forget. Join us for the Shamrocker St. Pat's Party until late. This is St. Patrick's Day done by the Irish on their native soil... expect a wild one!

Day 4: Check-out

After an incredible time celebrating St Pat's, say goodbye to the Emerald Isle until the next trip. You can leave Ireland but it will never leave you!      

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