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Tag 1 Quito/Otavalo

Frühe Abreise aus Quito und Fahrt nach Norden auf der Panamericana. Wir machen einen Stopp am „Mittelpunkt der Erde“, wo du mit einem Fuß in der Nord- und einem in der Südhalbkugel stehen und die Sonnenuhr von Quitsato besuchen kannst. Wir haben Gelegenhe

Depart early from Quito and travel north along the Pan-American Highway with a stop at the 'middle of the Earth' to set foot on both sides of the equator and see the Quitsato sundial. We have the opportunity to shop for handmade clothing and handicrafts visiting the leather town of Cotacachi and the Otavalo market, South America's biggest. Overnight in an historic hacienda outside of town. This trip leaves early on the morning of Day 1 from Quito - a pre-night in Quito is not included. Should you require the pre-night, please as our sales CEOs who will be happy to arrange this for you. If there is any confusion on arrival, please do not hesitate to call the contact number listed in these trip details. Spend 1 night in the Otavalo area and visit its world famous handicrafts market, the largest in South America. Villagers from the surrounding countryside come here every week to sell handmade goods as well as livestock, fruits and vegetables. There are three main market plazas in town, with the overflow spilling out onto the streets linking them. The Plaza de Ponchos is where we will find most handicraft items. We will find colorful wollen goods such as ponchos, gloves, hats, blankets, scarves and sweaters, as well as fine tapestries and a variety of embroidered blouses and shirts, shawls, string bags and rope sandals. This market gets underway at dawn and continues until early afternoon. Remember, bargaining is expected for every purchase! A good negotiator should be able to get at least 20% off the starting price. The food market sells produce and household goods for the locals, and there is an animal market beginning in the predawn hours on the outskirts of town. Although these are not designed for visitors, they are cultural experiences to see and are definitely worth a visit. One of the most obvious signs of the Otavaleños' cultural integrity is their traditional dress. This is not just put on especially for the tourists at the Saturday market, but is worn throughout their daily life. Otavalo is justly famous both for its friendly people and its Saturday animal market. The market dates back to pre-Inca times when jungle products were transported from the eastern lowlands and traded for highland goods. Today's market has two different functions: the local market for buying and selling animals, food and other essentials, and the crafts market for the tourists and other interested people.

Tag 2 Otavalo/Cotopaxi (1F)

Verbringe den Vormittag mit einer Fahrt entlang der „Straße der Vulkane“ und sieh dir den Pichincha, den Iliniza und den gewaltigen Antisana an. Erkunde den Nationalpark Cotopaxi rund um den schneebedeckten Vulkankegel, der als höchster aktiver Vulkan der

Spend the morning driving along the Avenue of the Volcanoes searching out the peaks of Pichincha, Iliniza and the gigantic Antisana. Venture into Cotopaxi National Park travelling around the base of he cone-shaped, snowcapped volcano, considered the highest, active volcano in the world. Your evening will be spent near Ecuador's beautiful Cotopaxi Volcano in an historic Hacienda. Just a few hours south of Quito is Parque National Cotopaxi, home to Cotopaxi Volcano at 19,342 ft (5897 m). The beautiful cone-shaped, snow covered volcano is Ecuador's second highest peak and the highest active volcano in the world.

Tag 3 Quito (1F)

Am Morgen Fahrt zurück nach Quito, wo die Tour endet.

Private transfer back to Quito, tour ends. This trip ends in Quito at the airport (or in a city hotel) - a post-night in Quito is not included. Should you require a hotel, please ask our sales CEOs who will be happy to arrange this for you. **Please note that this tour is a combination of 2 tours - if any other G passengers have booked the Avenue of the Volcanoes portion of this tour, they will continue onto Banos, while you will transfer back to Quito.

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