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Tag 1 Lima

Transfer von deinem Hotel gegen Mittag zur Busstation der Stadt. Dort beginnt dein Abenteuer. Am frühen Abend erreichst du Nazca und wirst abgeholt.

Estimate travel time: 7.5 Hours Transfer from your hotel in Lima at approximately noon to start your adventure at the Lima bus station. Arrive in Nazca (approx. 7:30pm) where you will be met. Transfer to your hotel and overnight in Nazca. *If you are arriving by flight on Day 1 of the tour (i.e. you are not being picked up from your Lima hotel on Day 1), the latest arrival flight time into Lima is 7:00am. Please note that hot water shortages and power outages can be fairly common in Peru (even in upgraded hotels and private homes). We appreciate your patience and understanding that these occurrences are outside of our control.

Tag 2 Nazca (1F)

Am nächsten Morgen machst du eine geführte Tour durch die Stadt, besuchst den Friedhof von Chauchilla und überblickst die Nazca-Linien von einer Panoramaplattform aus. Nachmittags dann das Highlight: Ein Flug über die Nazca-Linien. Abends hast du Freizeit

This morning take a city tour of Nazca, followed by a fascinating visit to the Pre-Inca desert cemetery site of Chauchila, with 1500 year-old mummies, bones and pottery on the desert floor. The tour also includes a visit to an artisan's workshop, where modern masters create Nazca style pottery, and a traditional gold-mining centre. This entire desert area was once the home for the ancient Paracas and the Nazca cultures, which preceded the Incas by more than half a millennium. In the late afternoon take an included flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines. Overnight in Nazca. The Nazca Lines are one of the world's greatest archaeological mysteries. The lines consist of patterns and pictures etched in the ground, crisscrossing a wide area of flat desert. Some lines measure up to 10 km (7.5 miles) in length, and yet remain perfectly straight. The depictions of birds, insects and animals are only recognizable from the air. Who drew the lines, and why, is something modern archaeologists can only theorize about, but current beliefs suggest that they may be part of complex agricultural calendar. From the ground we can make out very little, and the best view is from our light aircraft, from where we get a panoramic view.

Tag 3 Lima (1F)

Du besuchst die lokalen Aquädukte, bevor du zur Busstation von Nazca gebracht wirst und nach Lima zurückfährst. Hier wirst du zum Hotel oder zum Flughafen gebracht.

Estimate travel time: 7.5 Hours Visit local aqueducts before your transfer to the Nazca bus station for your return journey to Lima. Evening arrival in Lima and transfer to your G Adventures hotel or Lima airport. *If you are planning to depart Lima on the final day of the tour, the earliest departure flight you should take is at 21:00.

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