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Arrive Berlin

Check-in to the hotel and head straight out into Berlin to get a feel for the city-


With two days in this historical hot spot, you-

Berlin to Prague

Heading south, we roll on to the region of Dresden, often dubbed 'Florence of the North' because of its beauty. This town completely rebuilt itself after being flattened in World War II. Your Tour Manager will show you Dresden-


Prague is a beautiful and atmospheric city. It-

Prague to Vienna

Back on the coach, travel to World Heritage Listed Kutná Hora and discover its medieval centre. Founded in the 13th century, this was once the second most important town in Bohemia, famous for its silver mining heritage. Maybe choose the visit the chilling Sedlec Ossuary - a small chapel containing the bones of over 40 000 people, arranged artistically to form the decorations and furnishings inside! See buildings from Kutná Hora's former heyday as the financial powerhouse of Bohemia, before continuing on to the cultural hub of Vienna. Your Tour Manager starts Vienna off by introducing the group to the city-


Your Tour Manager starts the day by introducing the group to the city-

Vienna to Budapest

Cruise through Slovakia and pause for lunch in quaint Bratislava. We-


Get an in-depth insight into Budapest on a sightseeing tour with our Local Guide this morning. On the Buda side of the river, from the Fisherman-

Depart Budapest

The tour ends after breakfast and it-

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