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London to Amsterdam

Meet up with your Contiki Team before we hit the road and take a ferry past the White Cliffs of Dover. Next stop: the buzzing, free-wheeling city of Amsterdam. Check out Amsterdam-


Today, In an intro into Dutch culture, see how clogs are made and try some of the famous Dutch Edam at a cheese farm. There-

Amsterdam to Berlin

Motor down the autobahn and get ready for a dose of über-cool Berlin. With two nights in this historical hot spot, you-


Today why not join a local guide for a tour? Learn about the East/West split at the Berlin Wall and check out the controversial Reichstag (German Parliament) as well as Tiergarten (one the world-

Berlin to Prague

Heading south, we roll on to the region of Dresden, often dubbed -


More free time means you can get deeper into Prague-

Prague to Vienna

Southbound, we head across the boarder into Austria. Next stop is the cultural hub of Vienna. Tonight, there-

Depart Vienna

Spend the morning discovering the historical centre of Vienna. Then it's time to say goodbye to your Contiki buddies as your tour ends around lunchtime.

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