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Tag 1 Beijing

Ankunft zu jeder Zeit möglich.

Feel free to arrive in Beijing at any time today, as there are no planned activities. The group will meet at 1800hrs. Please check for a notice from your Tour Leader. Following the meeting, there's an option to eat some delicious Beijing delights with your new group. *Please note: if you have pre-booked the China Cultural Bundle your CEO will inform you when you will see each show throughout your tour: Acrobat Performance (Day 2 - Beijing) and Li River Light Show (Day 6 - Yangshuo). For more information on the shows see the Optional Activities section.

Tage 2-3 Beijing

Inklusive: Besuch der Großen Mauer und Besichtigungen der Verbotenen Stadt, des Platzes des Himmlischen Friedens und des Himmelstempels. Nachtzug nach Xi'an.

On Day 2 we set out early for the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Here you can spend the day wandering from tower to tower along this magnificent feat of construction. Possibly bring a picnic and eat it atop the wall. In the afternoon we will visit the Temple of Heaven, which is a refuge for Chinese retirees, where they practice water calligraphy, tai chi, or walk pet crickets! We'll tour the temple itself, and learn the history of this intricate structure, historically used only twice a year! We will make it home in the late afternoon, where it is possible to see a Shaolin Monk Kung Fu Show, the Beijng Opera, or the Beijing Acrobats! Day 3 takes us exploring the Forbidden City and its corridors and buildings. We will also stand in the heart of Tiananmen square, and hear the significance of these places to modern day Chinese. On the evening of Day 3, we board an overnight sleeper that will ease us into Xi'an early the following morning. (12 hrs)

Tage 4-5 Xi'an

Erlebe die atemberaubenden Terrakotta-Krieger. Optionale Radtour der alten Stadtmauer.

The ancient Tang Dynasty capital holds so many things to explore. The first morning we arrive, we will do an orientation of the city, followed by a trip atop the ancient city walls, which enclose the heart of the modern city. We'll also tour the Drum and Bell Towers today, which are Xi'an's famous innercity landmarks. On Day 5 we will travel 1 hour to the site of the sprawling pits of the Terracotta Warriors where we will spend the morning. In the evening, the best way to fuel your stomach is to take a stroll through the Muslim Quarter, munching on nan bread and lamb skewers, dried fruits and roasted walnuts. Delicious!

Tage 6-8 Yangshuo (1M)

Flug nach Guilin und Transfer nach Yangshuo. Geführte Fahrradtour durch die Umgebung von Yangshuo und Besteigung des Mondberges. Möglichkeiten, eine lokale Kochschule zu besuchen, Tai Chi zu praktizieren oder die Light and Sound Show von Zhang Yimou zu er

We fly to Guilin early in the morning, and from the airport we transfer two hours to the village town of Yangshuo. This will no doubt rate as one of your favorite spots in China. The scenery is spectacular, surrounded by limestone karsts with a river running through the rice fields. On Day 7 we take a cycle ride through the fields with a local guide. We will climb up Moon Hill for spectacular views of the karsts, rewarded by a delicious local lunch. Try beer fish, garlic fried water spinach and stuffed aubergine! There are so many options for your free time in Yangshuo, from cooking school in a picturesque setting, to tai chi on the river, calligraphy and painting, shopping in the local markets, walking along the river, swimming or just spending time soaking up the scenery in one of the many tempting cafes around town. On the evening of day 8, we transfer back to Guilin train station where we take an overnight train which arrives in Shenzhen in the afternoon.(13 hrs)

Tag 9 Hongkong

Überquere die Grenze nach Hongkong. Zeit zur freien Verfügung, um diese pulsierende und exotische Metropole zu erkunden.

From Shenzhen we cross the boarder and arrive in Hong Kong in the late afternoon. Welcome to the big bustling city! There is so much to do in Hong Kong, from visiting Victoria Peak, taking the Star Ferry to one of the various islands to going clubbing on Lan Kuai Fung and eating the freshest of seafood at Temple Street Night Market.

Tag 10 Hongkong

Abreise zu jeder Zeit möglich. Wir empfehlen dringend, nach dem Trip eine Unterkunft in der Stadt zu buchen, um diese pulsierende Metropole richtig kennenzulernen.

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