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Arrive Dublin

Check-in to your hotel this evening in dynamic, down-to-earth Dublin. Meet up with your Trip Manager and fellow travellers and discover Dublin-

Dublin to Londonderry

We slide by Belfast, former hotspot of the Troubles (political conflict in Ireland) and learn about the city-

Londonderry to Galway

Your Trip Manager will show you the city-


Get out there and discover this quintessential Irish town where Gaelic is still spoken on the streets. You also have the option to jump on a ferry and cruise out to the stunning Aran Islands for a day away from it all. With rugged cliffs, wild flowers and pounding seas, the Aran Islands are all about natural beauty.

Galway to Cork

Continue on, past the vertical Cliffs of Moher, through the moors and woodlands. See the medieval Blarney Castle, where you can kiss the magical Blarney Stone if you-

Cork to Kilkenny

Visit portside Cobh and its Heritage Centre, and get the background on the Titanic and her last port of call. Also find out about how 2.5 million people left Ireland from this spot during the famine. En route for Kilkenny, you-

Kilkenny to Dublin

Back into buzzing Dublin, you-

Depart Dublin

The trip ends after breakfast & it's time to say farewell to your new friends.

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