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Tours and Treks

Search from hundreds of tours, treks and small & large group adventures. Book the perfect trip for your style and budget with STA Travel. We have Europe tours, African safaris, Amazonian treks, Asian adventures and even cruises to Antarctica! Use the search form below to find a tour that is perfect for your travel style and budget.


Tours & treks

Experience wind-swept savannahs, metropolises of mud huts, silhouetted giraffes and nomadic warriors… this is life on an African adventure trip. View more

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

Tours & treks

Incredible experiences await you on the far side of the world where evolution took a different tack. Rainforests, deserts, and reefs all meet here in this unique piece of the world. View more

Latin America

Tours & treks

From the breath sapping splendour of the Inca Trail, the fantasy wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and the dramatic escarpments of Patagonia – our Latin & Central American adventures will leave you spellbound. View more


Tours & treks

Take in sun soaked beaches, ancient cultures, sky-scraping mountains and some of the tastiest food on the planet. Do it all on one or our amazing adventures. View more


Tours & treks

So fantastically close, yet so wildly different. Expect an explosion of contrasting languages, architecture and food. Europe can be anything you want it to be - culture, history, hedonism and a whole lot more. View more

North America & Canada

Tours & treks

Hit the open road and inhale the exhilarating air of North America. Whether you want to trek the Grand Canyon, explore the Everglades or check out the bubbling beauty of Yellowstone – we can deliver it. View more

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