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Camp Uganda (2013)

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14 days

Camp Uganda offers a 2 week programme working alongside the Ugandan Wildlife Service protecting 10 white Rhinos.
  • Summary

    This 2 week volunteering programme in Uganda gives you the chance to take part in a vital conservation project, protecting the countries only population of White Rhino. This gap year expedition has been designed for volunteers who are keen to take on a challenge and support our ongoing community and environmental programmes alongside other international volunteers. You can combine your stay in Uganda with any of our other 1,2 or 3 month Kenya and Tanzania programmes to get the best out of East Africa. You can also take on a range of personal challenges as you trek, kayak or raft on the source of Africa’s mightiest river the Nile The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is currently home to 12 Southern White Rhino’s. However Ziwa is not only home to these magnificent animals but much, much more, ranging from Buck, Oribi, to Leopard, Aardvark, Warthog and Crocodile along with a one of the best in all of Uganda for birdlife. The main purpose of the reserve is to protect the rhinos of Uganda 24 hours a day. A security force of 40 Rangers patrols the fence, guard the gates, and monitor the rhinos 24 hours per day. The sanctuary is currently in process of becoming a game reserve, in which rhinos and other species of wildlife can be encountered, highlighting Uganda’s unique biodiversity and emphasising the importance of conserving it.

  • Your role as a volunteer

    Project work will vary depending on the needs of the community at the time but may include: - Refurbishment of existing classrooms - Patrolling the fence lines, - Assisting to keep the fence line clear of obstructions - Monitoring the rhinos and noting behaviour and eating patterns - Evening foot patrols, rhino tracking - Bird identification - Cleaning/maintenance of the enclosures - Visiting and assisting at our nursery school - Ziwa also runs a conservation and awareness program with local school children and the community; you will assist our education office in educating the group on wildlife conservation and sensitisation. One of the main duties as a volunteer will be to provide assistance at the Ziwa Wildlife rehabilitation centre. Ziwa rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, injured and captured animals. Our rehab centre has an extremely high success rate and all the animals are eventually released onto the property to live their life like wild animals should. As a volunteer you will help to feed, love, care and nurture these animals back to health. Activities could vary depending on what is happening on the sanctuary at the time of the volunteers being here.

  • Departure Days (2013)

    09 January 06 February 06 March 03 April 01 May 05 June 03 July, 31 July 06 September 04 October 01 November

  • Departure Point

    Entebbe International Airport, Uganda

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