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Great White Sharks Volunteering (2013)

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7 days

Come face-to-face with the Great White Pointers! This once in a lifetime volunteering opportunity has you living in close quarters with these notorious, yet graceful creatures who rule the marine world - find out what really makes them tick! Lodging with like-minded shark lovers you’ll experience the ever-exciting life of a marine researcher, learning plenty and having loads of laughs along the way!
  • Summary

    This work is conducted under the supervision of the University of Cape Town and the University of Pretoria, so be prepared to work hard and get plenty of experience for your efforts! Especially designed for volunteers, working in the unique marine environment at the southern tip of Africa you’ll take part in a well-run research programme right in the home to one of the densest populations of the Great White Shark in the world! It’s here where they eat, play and share their home with threatened colonies of African Penguin, dolphins, seals, whales (seasonal) and thousands of seabird species! The work is tough but there’s plenty of reward! Most days you’ll be out in the open seas on the cage-diving boat, helping the crew and clients and doing a spot of research. This programme also promises time in the underwater cage yourself - so be sure, this one’s not for the faint-hearted!

  • Duration

    6 Nights, 7 Days 13 Nights, 14 Days 20 Nights, 21 Days 27 Nights, 28 Days 55 Nights, 56 Days 83 Nights, 84 Days

  • Departure Days


  • Inclusions

    - Transfers between Cape Town and Gansbaai on arrival and departure - Accommodation (including bedding, coffee, tea, cereals etc.) - Internet access - There will be a co-ordinator that will take care of you during your stay. Should you experience any problems, you will have someone to turn to. - Tour of Gansbaai and surroundings - Volunteer certificate for programme participation - Certificate of contribution towards Penguin Nesting Project, Faces of Need, should you stay 2 weeks or longer. - Welcome pack of: 2 x Marine Dynamics t-shirts (please state t-shirt size) 1 x Marine Dynamics cap 1 x Marine Dynamics jacket (return after completion of programme). 1 x pair of water boots (please state shoe size) 1 x trip video where the link to download will be e-mailed to you - Programme materials - Lectures and related activities - Trips on the boat (weather dependant) - Excursion to surrounding towns on no sea days

  • Not Included

    - Flights - Medical and travel insurance - Leisure/adventure activities - Meals (you will need around £300 GBP for one month) - Excess baggage - Airport Pick up is not included

  • Transfer Information

    Transfers to and from clients` accommodation in Cape Town and the research station in Gansbaai are included in the package. Please note the Free Transfer is only available from 04am untill 08am Please note that there is NO AIRPORT PICK UP. This is because flights can be delayed or cancelled and because the transfer is with clients and can affect the launch time if the project is held up in Cape Town. The client needs to arrive in Cape Town one day before the programme starts and spend a night in Cape Town (they need to book accommodation at their own cost).

  • Volunteer Activities

    Daily volunteer activities depend on the research topic assigned, staff availability and environmental conditions. The majority of volunteers` sea-time will be spent aboard “Slashfin” as a crew member helping out with cage diving operations. Volunteers staying for longer than one month may also have the opportunity to be a part of tracking teams. The cage diving vessel will launch 1-2 times per day when conditions and demand allow. For volunteers that show a good work ethic, time aboard the Lwazi research boat may also be available. So pull those socks up! You’ll also enjoy lectures from marine biologists. Lectures include ocean conservation, basic seamanship, shark biology and behaviour, data collection and the work of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Other educational programs and events such as research, tracking, and shark dissections will be available depending on conditions and staff availability.

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