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Sports Coaching in South Africa (2013)

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33 days

Join one of our volunteer coaching placements in South Africa and play and coach sports to keen young players who are passionate about football/soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball and more. As part of the life-skills curriculum, promote good citizenship and impart social/health awareness and knowledge.
  • Summary

    Volunteers on this project connect with children from underprivileged backgrounds via the medium of sport, combining physical education with the promotion of health and social awareness. The schools in these townships do not have the resources to provide pupils with any kind physical education so volunteers are able to give local children the opportunity to participate in sports they would otherwise not have access to. Bringing their passion for sport to townships on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, volunteers take coaching sessions, run matches and organise tournaments. However, while the focus is on sport, the priority is on developing personal life skills among South African children, promoting health and social awareness and getting children involved in a positive activity that bridges social divides, keeps children off the streets and gives them the chance to learn and develop while enjoying themselves. This means that volunteers do not simply coach sport; they make a real difference to the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds. Placements are primarily within our education and development through sport projects, coaching and / or promoting social and health awareness. Alternative non-sports placements include teaching, arts and crafts or working with disabled or HIV/AIDS affected children.

  • Highlights

    Teach sport to children from disadvantaged backgrounds Instil life skills and raise awareness of health and social issues Accommodation and meals included Make a genuine and worthwhile difference and boost your CV

  • Departure Days (2013)

    08April (32n, 82n) 12January (35n, 82n) 16February (35n) 11May (35n) 13July (35n) 24August (35n, 84n) 28September (35n)

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