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Wildlife Conservation in Namibia (2013)

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15 days

Come to Namibia and help care for animals that are hurt, orphaned or too tame to be rehabilitated into the wild such as baboon, cheetahs, lions, Caracals and other African wildlife.
  • Summary

    Below gives you an indication of your daily activities. You will be split into working groups with your fellow volunteers to ensure variety and equal opportunity when carrying out your duties; duties rotate daily. 7.00am Breakfast 8.00am Morning meeting with the volunteer coordinators to plan the day ahead 8.15am Morning activity 1 (varies daily - caracal walk, enclosure patrol, food prep, cleaning enclosures, project work) 10.30am Tea and muffin break 10.45am Morning activity 2 (varies daily - junior baboon walk, cheetah and wild dog time, carnivore feed, project work) 1.00pm Lunch and free time 2.30pm Afternoon activities (varies daily - baby baboon walk, project work, food prep) 5.00pm Educational Talk 5.30pm Dinner and free time 7.00pm Baboon babysitting (each night 1-5 volunteers may, depending on number of baboons, works on rotation) Volunteers should be prepared for the daily schedule to change at short notice to meet the needs of the project and animals. Volunteers also need to be ready to take on any tasks that may be required of them, and to get dirty in the process! During the project, you will have the evenings to relax from approximately 5.30pm, Saturday afternoons and Sundays all day. However, the farm animals still need to be fed on Sundays! During your time based at the sanctuary, you may enjoy activities such as a nature walk across the farm, swimming in our pool, playing football against the bushman workers, climbing the nearby mountain or an eco challenge competing in groups against your fellow volunteers, followed by a braai (barbeque)! You can now travel and do volunteer work at the Namibia wildlife sanctuary with cheetahs, lions and other big cats in Africa. Namibia is cheetah country, being home to one third of the entire cheetah population. With 95% of cheetahs living outside protected areas and on farmland, they are often killed by farmers who regard them to be a threat to their livestock. The conservation research team at the Namibia wildlife sanctuary is dedicated to supporting the work with local landowners to locate and remove proven problem carnivores and track their re-introduction into safe conservation areas. The wildlife sanctuary is situated in a natural savannah paradise with riverine vegetation, lush grass plains and magnificent mountain views. The sanctuary currently provides a safe refuge for orphaned and injured wildlife including a number of cheetahs, lions, leopards, wild dogs, caracals and baboons as well as many farmyard animals. As Volunteers you will care for and feed the animals on a daily basis, helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary. Be warned, caring for orphaned baby baboons can be intensive but highly rewarding. All the money raised through our volunteering program goes directly back into the project providing employment, education and accommodation to the local Bushman community and ensuring the rescue, survival and rehabilitation of the animals. The funds enable the sanctuary to continue running the projects as well as covering all volunteer food and accommodation costs.

  • Accommodation

    There are two options of accommodation; volunteer rooms with up to three people (same gender) sharing each room, or large tents with a living and bedroom area to be shared by two volunteers (same gender or a couple). Showers and toilet facilities are communal and hot water is supplied by solar energy therefore sometimes restricted.

  • Departure Days

    Mondays & Tuesdays

  • Inclusions

    - A contribution to the project - Transfers between sites - Full orientation and support from the project managers - Accommodation and meals

  • Not Included

    - Transport to pick up location - Comprehensive Medical and Travel Insurance - Expenses of a personal nature (soap, laundry, snacks etc - Spending money for personal purchases, evening socializing, and pre and post project travel

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