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Malaysian Jungle Adventure & Volunteer (2013)

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14 days

This is the chance for volunteers to experience a true rainforest and to learn how the local tribes live in the rainforest. But most importantly the volunteer knows that their presence is helping facilitate the local tribes to protect their rainforests through camera trapping and community tourism.
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    The project is located in and around Mount Korbu which is the back drop to the city of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Mount Korbu is the second highest peak in Malaysia and its rainforest foothills are the oldest rainforests in the world and home to numerous local tribes and large fauna. Whilst trekking the group will visit many picturesque waterfalls and camp sites. The group will also visit Tribes people villages which have hosted a few tourist groups before but none who have conducted educational activities with them. The training centre for this project is Bukit Kinding Resort and Golf Club, the resort is the home to the longest flying fox in Malaysia. The project aims to train the Tribes people to set camera traps and empower them to collect scientific evidence of what ground mammals live in the rainforests surrounding Mount Korbu, Also, to improve the Tribes people’s confidence in speaking English and to introduce community tourism activities which the Tribes people can benefit financially.

  • Day 1

    Be collected by our team at Ipoh. You will then be taken directly to the project base at Bukit Kinding Resort. You will be given a thorough briefing by the team of expert jungle guides. You will then be able to relax at the resort and get to know the other volunteers.

  • Day 2

    Today is your jungle training day, based at Bukit Kinding Resort you will be taught jungle trekking essentials like orienteering, compass reading, how to pitch your tent, jungle first aid and Pantang Larang - these are superstitious beliefs of the native tribes and we will give you a list of do’s and don’ts in the rainforest. You will also be given some time to think about designing the lesson plans for the school club which will be conducted at the tribal village (called Orang Asli in Malaysia, directly translated in English means ‘original people’). Each day, whilst at Bukit Kinding Resort, you will be treated for lunch and dinner at different small restaurants that only the locals know. Food is a big thing in Malaysia and the locals know where the best can be found! Get a good night’s sleep before your adventure begins!

  • Day 3

    Today you will trek with a local tribal guide, as well as our team of jungle guides, for about 4-6 hours and cross over several small streams. You will help collect some of the camera traps to see what may have shared the same path as you a few hours earlier. You will arrive at the tribe’s village by mid afternoon before the normal 4pm downpour. Once you arrive at the village you will be introduced to the village chief and locals followed by a tour of the village including the background of the people. Then over dinner you will examine what the camera’s had shot and share the images with the local villagers.

  • Day 4

    Today is your chance to teach and share your experiences with the tribes’ people. In the mornings you will conduct the lesson you had previously designed with your fellow volunteers. The club is focused on environmental awareness as well as English and is conducted for children aged 9 to 12. This is a unique opportunity for you to share what you know with these villagers and help them improve their English which is vital for them to benefit from tourism.

  • Day 5

    Today you will delve into the life of the tribes people. The tribes people are hunters and gatherers. You will help them in their everyday life including gathering local fruits and other food stuffs from the jungle. Lunch will be cooked by the tribes people using traditional cooking methods such as bamboo or pandan leaves. You will also be shown how to use a blow pipe, which is still the preferred method of hunting by many of the men in the village.

  • Day 6

    Today you say goodbye to the villagers and take the 4/6 hour trek back to Bukit Kinding Resort, re-setting the camera traps as you go, where you can cool down and relax.

  • Day 7

    Today is a relaxing day and you will visit Lata Kinjang, which is Malaysia’s 2nd highest waterfall as well as visit other heritage sites around Ipoh. You will also go through the final preparations with our jungle guides ready for your big trek and overnight camping in the world’s OLDEST rainforest.

  • Day 8

    You will take an early morning transfer to the Ulu Kinta Dam before starting your jungle trekking. As you walk you will help to set or collect the camera traps, each time you collect the anticipation of what may have been captured is fantastic, this is the first time for camera traps to be deployed in this part of Malaysia. This is unique research and your efforts will help to established scientific evidence of what lives in these forests.

  • Day 9

    Today you will trek for 4-6 hours in the morning whilst collecting/setting up more cameras. You will take lunch at the camp site called Last Water Point and fill up your water bottles ready to summit Mount Korbu!

  • Day 10

    Set off at 6am to start the sunrise gazing for 6.30am. You can see the straits of Malacca from the top on clear days. You will feel on top of the world. After the sun has risen you will trek for approximately 2 hours to a second nearby peak and set/collect another camera trap. You will lunch at the peak of Mount Gayong. Then you start the trek back to the camp at Mount Korbu.

  • Day 11

    Your last chance to say goodbye to the sunrise at Mount Korbu is followed by a 4 hour trek to Camp Kijang (Mouse Deer in English). Contiuing to set and collect more camera traps you will reach Batu Besar Waterfalls within 4 hours. You will set up camp at the waterfalls with its fresh, cool running waters and 20ft waterfall this has to be one of the best camp sites in Malaysia.

  • Day 12

    The last stretch is a 4-6 hour trek back to Ulu Kinta Dam where a much deserved bus will be waiting to transfer you back to Bukit Kinding Resort. Spend the afternoon resting and relaxing. You could even try out the local spa!

  • Day 13

    Today sleep in. Then visit the local theme park called Lost World of Tambun. You will be able to enjoy the flying fox, rock climbing or relax if that doesn’t take your fancy relax by the wave pool and Jacuzzi/spa!

  • Day 14

    Relax at Bukit Kinding Resort until your onward travel time from Ipoh. We will organise your drop off depending on your own onward travel times.

  • Departure Days

    02-Jan-13 06-Feb-13 06-Mar-13 03-Apr-13 01-May-13 05-Jun-13 03-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 04-Sep-13 02-Oct-13 06-Nov-13 04-Dec-13

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